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As the first non-engineer of my family, I had a hard time finding the right mentors who could guide me about the Common Admission Test (CAT), IIM Interviews and Education/Career Advice.

During my undergraduate days, I used to seek help from students studying at prestigious institutes like the IIMs of the country. However, finding non-engineers among them was a huge challenge. When I scored 99+ percentile in CAT’17 and got admission in IIM Ahmedabad (Batch of 2020), I decided to bridge that gap.

This is a platform of learning for all those who don’t have the right contacts in the industry. Through my blog, I’m trying to share tips and pieces of advice for students of all academic backgrounds.

~ Shweta Arora


1. Is this platform only for non-engineers?

No, it is open for students from all academic backgrounds. It is named Non-Engineers because that's where the inspiration came from. Some posts are more relevant for the non-engineers.

2. How to use it in the best possible manner?

All the posts have been segregated into categories. Click on the blog category on home page you wish to read more about and scroll through the posts. You can reach out for any queries or follow-ups.


3. How to reach out - who is going to reply to me?

You can comment on the YouTube channel of Non-Engineers, preferably on the latest video. You'll receive a reply from me (Shweta). You can also post on the Q&A Forum of the blog where members can discuss their doubts.

4. How long will it take me to get a reply?

Generally, I check the YT channel on weekends, you can comment anytime.

5. How can I contribute to Non-Engineers?

If you have relevant article/post to share with the fellow students which can help them in their preparation journey, I'd be happy to put it up on the blog with your name. You can submit your write-up here.

P.S. If you like this blog and wish to learn more about blogging and content writing, you can visit

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