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10 posts you need to bookmark for CAT Preparation in 2020

Updated: May 5, 2020

If you're a CAT aspirant set to achieve your goals in 2020, here is a list of 10 posts you must bookmark:


#1 VARC Strategy

Considered as one of the weak spot of most CAT aspirants, this section deserves to be prepared strategically. This post will describe the preparation as well as the attempt strategy to score better in VARC. I scored 98.29 percentile in this section with a scaled score of 71.88 marks.

Link to the post: Tips to prepare for VARC section of CAT

#2 Read like IIM Students

This post will share the 7 hacks that IIM students use to comprehend any piece of information better. These simple techniques will improve your comprehension ability for the RCs asked in the CAT exam.

Link to the post: Secret behind IIM students' comprehension

#3 DILR Tricks

What comes to your mind when you read the statement - "B sits between A and C"? After reading this post, your mind will not think the way it used to. Learn the critical thinking techniques discussed in this post.

Link to the post: DILR hacks to crack CAT

#4 QA: Weak at Math?

This is a post for someone who thinks his/her math is not very good. It will describe my preparation journey for quantitative aptitude and how I increased my attempts in this section from 12 to 30.

Link to the post: QA tips to score better in CAT

#5 Motivation for QA

Are you someone who needs a break after every 5-10 questions of quantitative aptitude. Try using the technique discussed in this post and improve your ability to attempt QA questions at a stretch.

Link to the post: Lack of motivation for QA

#6 Boost Your Profile

One of the things often neglected by students is to boost their profile while studying for CAT side-by-side. This post will share 20+ ways to boost your overall profile for IIMs to increase the chances of selection.

Link to the post: Boost your profile to make it IIM-ready

#7 CV Format

When you start polishing your profile for the IIMs, you will require a format to use for the presentation of your CV points. This post will share the format used at IIM Ahmedabad along with some basic guidelines.

Link to the post: CV format used at IIM Ahmedabad

#8 CV Framing Tips

There are 10 methods of making the CV points look more professional. This post will reveal what the points are, how they can be used and examples of each point from my CV.

Link to the post: 10 uncommon CV framing hacks

#9 Manage Academics

Academics hold a lot of importance in the IIM selection procedure. Preparing for CAT alongside academics can become a hectic task. This post will share some facts that will help you manage both simultaneously.

Link to the post: Managing academics with CAT

#10 The D-Day

If you've made it this far, you must read some tips to handle the pressure on the D-Day. These tips will be beyond the general eat well, sleep well regime and will discuss some crucial points.

Link to the post: Last minute tips for CAT


Here's to a good start of your CAT journey! Chat with me if you have any queries on this blog - Non-Engineers

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