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50+ Free CAT Mocks on New Pattern (2 Hours) - Access Now for CAT 2021 or CAT 2022!

Are you in the last leg of your CAT 2021 preparation and looking for some extra resources to practice questions or are you kickstarting your preparation for CAT 2022 and looking for some free CAT mocks to try out the pattern? In either case, there's a good news for you! Basis some research, here is a list of 50+ CAT mocks being offered by a variety of platforms free of cost (just registration required) basis the new pattern (2 hours).

Some websites are also offering mocks basis the old pattern (3 hours) and that list has also been included towards the end of the blog post for your reference.

39 Free CAT Mocks

New Pattern (2 Hours)

I. Unacademy

No. of Mocks = 28 Questions = 76 Time (mins) = 120

When it comes to a repository of free CAT mocks, no institute can beat Unacademy, which is offering a total of 28 Free CAT Mocks basis the latest pattern of 76 questions and 120 mins (40 mins per section). All it requires is a quick sign up on the website and the mocks can be accessed for free post that.


II. Byju's

No. of Mocks = 4 Questions = 76 Time (mins) = 120

The next set of free mocks are being offered by Byju's which has 4 Free CAT Mocks in store for you. One of them is the actual CAT 2020 slot 1 paper but can still be used as a timed mock. It is also based on the pattern of 76 questions and 120 minutes. This also requires a quick sign-up on its website. These mocks will expire in March 2022, so use them accordingly.


III. Cracku

No. of Mocks = 3 Questions = 68 Time (mins) = 120

The pattern shared by Cracku is a bit different - it contains 68 questions and 120 minutes (40 mins per section). It probably did so due to the announcement of CAT 2021 declaring that the number of questions will be lowered. You can still sign up and take these 3 free CAT mocks for practice.


IV. StudyBuzz

No. of Mocks = 1 Questions = 64 Time (mins) = 120

As soon as you sign up on the StudyBuzz portal (link shared below), you fill find the first CAT mock test free of cost. You simply have to register using your email and mobile number. The pattern contains 64 questions and 120 minutes (40 mins per section).


V. Acadergy

No. of Mocks = 1 Questions = 76 Time (mins) = 120

A new one making it to the list is Acadergy which is offering 3 mocks free of cost - 1 basis the latest 2 hours pattern and 2 basis the old pattern. Just scroll down after clicking on the link and you'll see a CAT 2021 Practice Mock with 76 questions and 120 minutes. It will require you to sign up.


VI. Oliveboard

No. of Mocks = 1 Questions = 64 Time (mins) = 120

Oliveboard is another name making it to the list for the first time with 1 free CAT mock being offered basis the reduced questions and 2 hours pattern. It has 64 questions in total and are timed as per the CAT pattern i.e. 40 minutes per section. You can access the same clicking on the link below. A pop-up will appear asking you to register for the free mock.


VII. Mock Zone

No. of Mocks = 1 Questions = 66 Time (mins) = 120

Mock Zone was discovered for the first time by us and is featuring in the list for the first time. After sign-up, you'll get access to 1 free CAT mock basis the new pattern. There will be 66 questions and 120 minutes. You can access the mock clicking on the link below.


These were a total of 28+4+3+1+1+1+1 mocks = 39 mocks basis the new pattern.

20 Free CAT Mocks

Old Pattern (3 Hours)

VIII. MBA Universe

No. of Mocks = 10 Questions = 100 Time (mins) = 180

MBA Universe is a well-known brand in the test prep space and it is offering 10 free CAT mocks for students to practice tonnes of questions. The only concern is that the mocks are not timed. Hence, they can act as a good repository of questions but not simulate the actual CAT pattern.


IX. Career Launcher

No. of Mocks = 5 Questions = 100 Time (mins) = 180

There's no need to introduce Career Launcher when it comes to CAT Preparation and like every year, CL is offering 5 free CAT Mocks for the practice of students. These mocks, however, are based on the old pattern of 100 questions in 180 minutes, thereby acting as a repository of questions only.


X. Acadergy

No. of Mocks = 2 Questions = 100 Time (mins) = 180

As shared earlier, Acadergy is providing 2 mocks for CAT basis the old pattern of 100 questions and 180 minutes. You can access the same by signing up on the link.


XI. Shiksha

No. of Mocks = 2 Questions = 100 Time (mins) = 180

Shiksha is also another well-known brand in the CAT preparation space that is offering 2 full length free mock tests for CAT aspirants but basis the old pattern. It requires a sign-up to access the same.


XII. Careers 360

No. of Mocks = 1 Questions = 100 Time (mins) = 180

Careers 360 is also offering a free mock basis the old pattern on its website. You will be required to sign-up in order to access it, the link has been shared below.


These were a total of 10+5+2+2+1 mocks = 20 mocks basis the old pattern.

Hope this list of 59 mocks helps you prepare well for the CAT exam. In order to learn how to use them well, especially if you are self-preparing for the CAT exam, you can watch this video:


If you want to share your success story, write to us at To stay updated about the latest news and recommendations on IIMs, CATs, Skill-Building, subscribe to the YT channel.

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