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List of Best Finance Websites and Blogs for MBA Aspirants

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

A list of the best finance websites and blogs curated by Arpit Lahoty, my batch mate at IIM Ahmedabad. These finance websites and blogs will help you stay updated about finance related news, topics and increase your overall knowledge of the finance domain. These resources can help you during the MBA interviews, placement interviews and in day-to-day discussions as well.

Finance Websites Blogs MBA Aspirant

In Arpit's Words:


1. Mint - I find Mint slightly easier to read as compared to other financial newspapers.

2. Finshots - Daily newsletter which gives a short, jargon-free overview of a single news item/topic.

3. GSN Invest - Similar to Finshots, this resource caters to individual finance topics.

4. Business Today - Excellent fortnightly magazine. Forbes India is a good alternative.

5. Magzter - In case you want digital access to multiple magazines, would recommend getting a Magzter subscription, much cheaper than individual subscriptions.

6. Money Stuff - A daily take focusing on US markets. Very humorous, and amazingly well written; probably among the best-known finance newsletters.


1. Musings on Markets - Prof. Aswath Damodaran's blog. He talks about valuation and corporate finance; a great blog to see him put his theories into action.

2. ValuePickr - There are some excellent threads on analysis of industries and companies.

3. TrendLyne - I often find some latest equity research reports on this site.

4. Prof. Sanjay Bakshi's Blog - Prof. Bakshi is one of the most respected investors in India. If you decide to read his blog, start with his amazing article titled Vantage Point.

5. GSN Invest ++ - Paid service; a good analysis of one company every week. Helps building a good framework to evaluate businesses.


1. Above the Crowd - Bill Gurley was till recently a General Partner at Benchmark Capital and is widely regarded as one of the smartest people in the VC ecosystem.

2. Andreessen Horowitz's Blog - A treasure trove of content by one of the most successful VC firms globally - they are very generous with sharing their learnings on a regular basis.

3. A Junior VC - Excellent analysis of the Indian startup ecosystem.

4. ET Prime - Paid subscription; but a deep dive into topics which won't be covered elsewhere. Other options are Ken or Morning Context; however, I have found ET Prime reporting to be much broader in coverage while being much more to-the-point compared to the other two. Always check for student discounts before subscribing for either of them.

5. Keeping Up with India - A free blog providing insightful analysis of the Indian startup ecosystem. Also consider signing up for Anmol Maini's paid WhatsApp newsletter.

6. Stratechery - Stratechery provides brilliant analysis of the strategy and business side of technology and media. Weekly Articles are free, while three Daily Updates a week are for subscribers only.

7. Remains of the Day - Eugene Wei has worked at Facebook, Hulu and Flipboard. He writes about subjects like tech and product development. In case you want to see how brilliant this guy is, just read this article on Invisble Asymptotes.


Listing down a few blogs which deal with careers in finance:

Tip: After subscribing to all these newsletters and blogs, I realized that my inbox became quite difficult to manage. I found an amazing app called Stoop Inbox (they have a web version too) which enables you to aggregate all your newsletter subscriptions on a separate email ID with an excellent distraction-free reading interface. You can try it too.


Hope you find this extensive reading list of finance websites and blogs useful, especially if you're interested in joining a finance firm after your MBA. Would like to thank Arpit for taking out his valuable time to curate this list for the benefit of all the blog members.

Arpit has worked in financial due diligence and investment banking prior to his MBA, and will be joining McKinsey & Co. as a consultant. If you wish to read other articles written by Arpit on his blog, you must follow Marginal Futility.

His other article @Non-engineers:

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