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Best YouTube Channels for CAT Preparation

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Hi everyone, a lot of CAT aspirants self-prepare for the exam. Recently, I was approached by some of you to share links of the best YouTube channels for CAT preparation. I cannot say which one is the best, so I'd like to share a list of all the channels I could find along with their subscriber base as of 6th Nov, 2020 and leave it up to you to decide by visiting their profiles. Hope this list helps you.

Note: It also includes links to some channels that don't offer CAT coaching but will still be beneficial, e.g. some IIM alums who guide for free:

CAT Exam YouTube Channels

You can take your time to review all the channels and check their video & playlists sections to refer to the material they post regularly. I hope it helps you collate the material you'll need to prepare for the CAT exam.

If there's any channel I've missed by mistake, please do share with me in the comments, will update.

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