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Can you share your IIM-A Resume?

Someone asked me to share my pre-IIM and post-IIM resume. I believe the intent was to know the credentials or the way the CV points were framed, so I’ll try to cover both.

My IIM Resume

When Mondelez gave me a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) post the summer internship, I decided not to sit for the finals because I liked both the role and the organization’s culture. Hence, I didn’t prepare a post-IIM resume.

If I had prepared one, the points would have included:

  • Academic Score: 3.299 in the first year, 3.487 in the second year.

  • Work-Experience: 2-months live project at Mondelez in the Sales & Marketing domain; received a PPO.

  • PORs: Clubs joined in the first year: Niche (marketing), Faculty Interaction Club, Prakriti (nature), TRBS (marketing cell), Chaos (corporate cell). Clubs joined in the second year: TRBS Marketing Head (briefly).

  • Extra-Curricular: Runners-Up of 4 National Case Study Competitions: Colgate Palmolive, OYO, Capgemini, Kotler’s Conundrum.

My pre-IIM resume looked as follows (not exactly pre-IIM: this is my summers resume):

IIMA Resume

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any follow-ups.


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