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Now That You Have Your CAT 2020 Admit Card, Do This

I was finishing my work today when my phone started buzzing with questions on Quora and on the blog's social media handles - "What should I do - I've got so and so slot in the CAT 2020 exam?"

CAT 2020 Admit Card

Biological Clock

Hope you're familiar with this term. It is pretty common among competitive exam aspirants.

Biological clock is your innate timing device, think of it like an internal alarm clock that signals you that it is time to wake up. Now that you've got your CAT 2020 Admit Card, it is time to set your biological clock.

How To Do That?

Whatever time slot you've got - take a note of it. That is the time when your mind should be the most active every day till the exam day. So, the only thing you need to do is:

Schedule Mocks Basis Slot

Whatever be your slot, schedule all your mocks at the same time for the days left till the exam. That will ensure that your brain becomes wired to stay alert during that time.

If you're taking two mocks a day, then ensure that you schedule at least one of the two mocks at your slot timing. This is especially important for students who got a morning slot. You need to wake up accordingly.

What Else To Do?

It's that time of the year again when a lot of posts will get published on "What to do in the last 30 days of the CAT exam?" People will advise you all sorts of things.

In my opinion, just do what you've been doing so far. Trying out an absolutely new strategy at this moment may not do well - instead, sticking to your strategy and ensuring you're comfortable with it will help you more.

Revise, revise, revise - this is the time when your formula book will come to use the most.

Regarding the admit card: apart from taking a print-out, save it to your device as well - it might come into play during IIM Admission Process - some IIMs ask for it (at least they did during my time).


I'm not writing much in this post because, honestly, there's nothing you need to panic about. The more you read posts or watch videos speculating how the exam is going to be, the more you'll be wasting your time.

Instead, invest this time in preparing, taking mocks and analyzing well.

Every day, before the mock:

1. Revise the formulas & tricks.

2. Imagine your attempt strategy.

Yes, I literally said imagine. When you imagine how you're going to attempt the paper - how many questions in the first 20 mins of VARC section, how many questions in the first round of QA, etc., you'll be able to deliver the same in the mocks and in the final exam as well.

No more suggested posts for you today. Just let me know if you have any doubts in the comments.

All the best!

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