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A Story to Inspire the CAT Aspirants!

Hasn't it been long that we had an inspirational post on the blog?

One of the main reasons I wanted to share this post was because a few days ago, I posted a video on CAT 2021 preparation and at the end of the video, I requested CAT 2020 takers to suggest one tip to the next batch of CAT aspirants. In the comments section, one of the members added a very valuable point.

She said that sometimes spending too much time on social media and reading the posts and answers written by multiple people can take a toll on you. I felt that I've also been guilty of sharing a lot of "advice-based" videos in the last couple of days, so I took inspiration from her comment and decided to share this post.

Today, I'm going to share something light and inspirational with you to cheer you up for your preparation.

The story that I'm going to share with you was shared with us (a couple of my batch mates) who took a course called ERI (exploration of role and identity) at IIM Ahmedabad. This story was shared when a student among us told the professor, "I feel too worried about my future all the time."

The professor narrated this story:

The Two Monks

Once there were two monks trying to cross a river - one of them quite elder to the other.

Upon reaching the bridge, they saw that it was broken and a lady was standing beside the river bank distressed and unable to cross the river.

The lady reached out to the elder monk and requested for his help. The elder monk, despite his sacred vow to not touch women, carried the lady and helped her cross the river.

CAT 2020 Motivation
Image Credits: Isha Foundation

The younger monk saw the entire episode with utter shock and dismal. He thought to himself, "How could the elder monk break the sacred vow?", "What teaching is he going to impart to his pupils if he cannot preach it himself?" His thought trail continued for long.

After 5 hours, he couldn't hold his silence anymore and he decided to confront the elder monk. He said, with strong disapproval, "How could you do that? You carried that lady for 5 minutes and broke a sacred vow!"

The elder monk replied, "But, I carried her for only 5 minutes, while you have been carrying her for 5 hours!"


When we listened to this story in our course, the entire batch couldn't utter a word.

The professor explained, "Why is it that we carry the burden of our past or future for so long, often when it is not even relevant in the present?"

I feel that's the story of every CAT aspirant as well. During preparation, we're thinking of the final exam, "How would it be, which section will be difficult, what if I make silly mistakes?" or even worse, we're regretting what has already happened, "But, I don't have good academic scores, I didn't study for x hours yesterday!"

Why do we carry the burden of our past and future like the younger monk? Why can't we see that we're carrying a thought for so long even when the actual event will last much shorter than our thought trail.

I understand that it is easier said than done, but if you can, then take inspiration from this story today and promise yourself to not worry too much about your past or your future.

Cross the bridge, when it comes!


Another video on CAT motivation, if you missed out on it:

I pray that you guys are all able to deliver your best during the final exam. But, I also pray that you stay determined right now and focus only on what all can be done at this very moment, because that's the only thing in your hands right now. Please make the most of it.

With lots of love, I wish you the best! :)

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