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CAT 2020 Takers: Behold, these 6 IIM converts have a message for you!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Getting into an IIM is a dream come true. Imagine how it would feel to get re-admitted 6 times! That's how I felt when these 6 IIM converts messaged me to inform that they've been selected by the top IIMs of the country for the MBA program. It made me really nostalgic and took me back to the day when I had seen my IIM-A result.

So, as a token of appreciation for them and as a source of motivation for the members of this blog, I'm sharing some messages they have written for the CAT 2020 aspirants, who must be preparing day and night for their exam. Let's see what they have to say:

IIM Results 2020


I. Shekhar Singh

  • CAT Percentile: 99.51

  • Shortlists: IIM A, B, L, K, I, S, New IIMs, SP Jain, MDI, IITD

  • Converts: IIM B, SPJain (IM) - WL 45

  • Degree: B Sc. Computer Science

  • Work-Ex: 24 months

How does it feel to get into IIM-B?

Friday May 8th, 2020 It was one of the happiest days of my life, I couldn’t believe I made it to IIM Bangalore after a heartbreaking rejection from IIM Ahmedabad the same day. It was one hell of a roller-coaster ride. Crazy!! Massive swell of emotions coming out like it never did before and I burst into tears. IIM Bangalore felt more like my mother, it provided me with the shelter when there was no ray of hope. Eventually it was a happy ending and I’m really excited to be a part of the legacy of IIM B - “The place to B!”

What would you say to CAT'20 aspirants?

Always remember this “Hard work never goes in vain, it does pay off”, just don’t give up. Nothing is impossible in this universe if you have that fire in you, nobody can stop you from achieving your goals. Just believe in yourself! This poem was my source of motivation throughout my CAT preparation journey and even on the D-Day, I watched this video and entered the exam hall. We’re in mid-May, it’s the perfect time to start your preparation for CAT 2020.

Any message for the readers of this blog?

Let me bust this myth related to CAT where people say that "CAT is biased in favour of engineers because of their Quantitative ability skills and analytical mindset”. I’m a non-engineer with 99.6 percentile in QA. One of my close friends is a BBA graduate with 99.5+ percentile in QA. The topper of IIM Bangalore PGP 2018-2020 batch was a Non-engineer. The founder of this blog (Shweta Arora) is herself a 99+ percentiler and an IIM-A graduate. I can provide you hundreds of examples like these. I’m repeating this again, “Nothing is impossible, if you've got the will“.

II. Muhammed Roshan

  • CAT Percentile: 98.83

  • Shortlists: IIM B, L, A, C, K, I

  • Converts: IIM A, B (rest awaited)

  • Degree: B Tech, Mechanical

  • Work-Ex: 35 months

How does it feel to get into IIM-A & B?

It feels surreal. I wasn't quite sure about receiving calls from A/B , and to convert both, it was just amazing. With time, it sinks in and I'm mentally preparing myself to do well and have two memorable years ahead.

What would you say to CAT'20 aspirants?

To stick with the basics and clear your fundamentals, if you feel you're weak at a particular section try spending more time on it. And try to finish all the studies before 1.5/1 month so that you can focus on solving mocks in the last months.

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Any message for the readers of this blog?

Given that most of the IIMs give diversity points and most of the aspirants are engineers, being a non engineer is always an advantage for admissions if you score a decent percentile.

III. Shubham Shankar Dubey

  • CAT Percentile: 90.39

  • Shortlists: IIM-A (FABM), IIM-R (HRM), IRMA & MANAGE

  • Converts: IIM-A FABM (rest awaited)

  • Degree: B Sc. Hons. Agriculture

  • Work-Ex: Fresher

How does it feel to get into IIM-A?

I don't think that feeling can be expressed in words. For the first time I saw my parents so emotional and happy for my success. I am really glad and excited to be a part of the best B-School of the country - IIM Ahmedabad.

What would you say to CAT'20 aspirants?

My only suggestion for the CAT 2020 aspirants would be that consistency matters a lot in an exam like CAT. I would suggest them to read newspapers to improve their reading speed and agility with different types of topics and for Quant and LRDI, I would suggest to practice a variety of questions. Attempting mocks and properly analyzing them is a crucial part of the preparation.

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Any message for the readers of this blog?

I would specifically mention the contribution of Non-engineers blog. Shweta is doing a noble job in helping the CAT aspirants and their interviews. The blog posts are very helpful. I used to read them regularly and finally I achieved. I thank her for the motivational blogs and useful content.

IV. Abhishek Nambiar

  • CAT Percentile: 99.89

  • Shortlists: IIM-A, C, L, I, K, S

  • Converts: IIM-A (rest awaited)

  • Degree: B Tech, Civil

  • Work-Ex: 30 months

How does it feel to get into IIM-A?

Ecstatic and excited to spend two years at a place which housed so many brilliant minds over so many years :)

What would you say to CAT'20 aspirants?

Plan, execute, analyse, repeat. The exam is less of an intelligence test and more about whether you can remain calm and think practically. Most of you would have the tools needed to get the marks, that's necessary. So during CAT prep, focus on developing an ability to make good decisions in the 3 hours. At the same time, try to develop a hobby or indulge in activities that you like and preferably would be seen positively from an MBA standpoint. Good luck!

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Any message for the readers of this blog?

In the Indian MBA scenario, non engineers have never had more value than today and this is bound to stay this way for quite some time. As such, you have more incentive than ever to prepare for an MBA now and take the CAT. Some parts of the exam may come by easily for engineers but even that aspect is not insurmountable and it is not uncommon for non engineers to score the high 99s and even 100s. Thanks to initiatives like this blog, you have the resources to learn from the ones who successfully made the journey. Use them to the maximum extent possible!

V. Simran Somani

  • CAT Percentile: 97.41

  • Shortlists: IIM-A, K, I, MDI, SPJIMR, XL BM & HR

  • Converts: IIM-A, SPJIMR – Mkt (rest awaited)

  • Degree: B Com AF, CA, CFA (L1)

  • Work-Ex: 10 months

How does it feel to get into IIM-A?

I had dreamt of being in IIM-A since high school. In-fact, I had written an email to the IIM-A admissions office, when I was in Class XII, asking whether doing my under-graduation through distance education would render me unqualified for their PGP programme!

After I quit my job to prepare, the IIM-A admit seemed like a surreal validation of my instincts and I couldn’t be more grateful.

What would you say to CAT'20 aspirants?

Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s! It’s very easy to feel bogged down or as though you are not good enough. But remember, you only need to be better than you were yesterday and everything else will fall right into place. Never stop, never give up.

Any message for the readers of this blog?

This blog made me very curious to speak to the person writing it because it was so structured, interesting and well-made! I truly resonate with the mission behind this blog, being a non-engineer myself, the struggle gets real sometimes. Always excited to see a notification from Shweta and read her insights on a wide array of topics

VI. Anushree Anil Naik

  • CAT Percentile: 98.2

  • Shortlists: IIM-A, B, L, K, I, S, CAP, SPJIMR

  • Converts: IIM-A, IIM-B (W-29), SPJIMR

  • Degree: B Com, CA

  • Work-Ex: 12 months

How does it feel to get into IIM-A?

Almost unbelievable. This was something that seemed really far-fetched for a Non-Ranker at CA exams and with only 4 months of work-ex till CAT form filling. But the belief in the thought that dedication and hard work triumphs over everything else has now been reinstated.

What would you say to CAT'20 aspirants?

Quoting my mentor Scrabbler - 'Its not over till its over'. The number one rule for CAT is 'To never give up!'

Any message for the readers of this blog?

I regret not knowing about this blog earlier. I came across till a week before my results and instantly got hooked on to it, because it is extremely helpful and relatable! Be notified of this blog to get your dilemmas resolved because the ultimate mission of this blog is to help so many out there who find it difficult to seek help!


So, these were a couple of inspiring messages shared by the new joiners of IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore for the PGP and FABM Batch of 2020-2022. Hope this instills some amount of confidence in the CAT 2020 aspirants.

If you have any messages or queries for them, please feel free to post it down in the comments below. I'd like to express my gratitude to these 6 students for sharing their valuable experience with us and would also like to congratulate them for their success in the CAT exam and the IIM interviews. Wishing them the best for their future endeavours! A big shout out to them again on behalf of all the members.

If you're new to the blog and wondering what's going on here, the home page might be a good place to start :)

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