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CAT Exam: Free Online Resources for DILR Preparation

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

If you're stuck at home and not sure how to self-prepare for DILR, this post will help you with some resources. You may already have your coaching material or you may be looking for some free links, this post will serve both the purposes. You can check out similar posts for QA and VARC, links are given at the end of this post.

Free CAT Exam Logical Reasoning

Preparation Tips

Before I share the resources, I'd like to bring your attention to a previous post written on DILR tips. The reason I'm sharing this before sharing the resources is so that you keep these points in mind while utilizing them. There's another post written on increasing calculation speed for the CAT exam as well as 5 routine activities that will significantly help you in your MBA preparation journey.

Online Resources

Now, let's talk about the resources that you're going to need for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning:

Tricks and Shortcuts

This area will provide you with the basics and concepts of each topic of DILR along with some tricks and shortcuts for you to take a note of. These will help you develop a framework for each type.

  1. Cracku Video - This is a one hour long video which will describe all the concepts and tricks of DILR very comprehensively. I'd suggest you to watch it in multiple sittings and absorb as much as possible by taking notes (preferably in your formula book).

  2. Takshzila Shikshak Videos - These are a set of 7 videos by TS which will explain the different DILR topics in detail. The tutors also share some tricks for each concept in between.

  3. Takshzila Verbal Logic - This PDF will share some critical reasoning and verbal reasoning concepts that are required to solve the Logical Reasoning sets.

  4. Takshzila DI Calculation - This PDF will share some DI concepts that will help you calculate faster. Many formulas have been shared in this file for you to solve the questions quickly.

Practice Questions

This area will share some resources that you can use to practice questions of DILR.

  1. Cracku Logical Reasoning - You'll find a couple of questions under each topic including arrangements, truth-tellers, cubes, etc. Try going through the questions without looking at the answer.

  2. Cracku Data Interpretation - Another set of free resources by Cracku for DI preparation, this link includes topic-wise distribution of questions including Tables, Data Sufficiency and Cumulative DI questions.

  3. Hitbullseye Logical Reasoning - Similar to the above-mentioned resources, you'll find topic wise exercises under this link as well. You can scroll through the link to find more.

  4. Hitbullseye Data Interpretation - You can go through the questions covered under this section, including line graphs, pie-charts, bar graphs, etc. topics.

  5. Bodheeprep Logical Reasoning - This link will provide you 100+ free sets to practice for LR from a mix of different topics. It has also divided questions based their difficulty levels.

  6. 2IIM DILR - This link, when scrolled down to the DILR header, shares topic-wise questions. There are about 4-5 sets in each topic for you to practice.

Sectional Tests

Under this area, you'll find some free mock tests particularly designed for the DILR section.

  1. TCY Online - Though there are 14 sectional tests given under this link, 7 of them are exactly as per the CAT pattern i.e. 32 questions and 60 minutes. They are titled 'ST - DILR' tests.

  2. Career Launcher LR - This link will share 6 LR mocks - 2 easy, 2 medium and 2 difficult. The website will require you to sign-up once you submit the mock attempt to be able to see its solutions.

  3. Career Launcher DI - This link will share 6 DI mocks - 3 easy, 2 medium, 1 difficult. Here also you'll be required to sign-up after submitting the mock.


Hope these resources ensure that you have enough material to go through for your CAT exam preparation. You may also read the following posts which are related:

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