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Don't Justify Failure, Work On It! ft. Jyoti Madan

My Academics:

  • Till 9th: 98%+

  • 10th: 85%

  • 12th: 92% (Commerce)

Life Takes a Turn

An academic slayer, a merit holder student got 40 percentile in CAT 2020.

Yes, you read it right. Now you all must be thinking, that must have been tough: "How did she face everyone and tell them it didn't work out, that she didn't top the exam as she always did. How did she justify and give answers to their hundreds of questions?"

I'm pretty sure by now that there are many questions asked when you fail an exam. Sorry, when you fail an exam for the first time in your life. But, in my opinion:

Your Reactions Matters

Let me give you two situations:

Person 1: Hi, I heard that you didn't clear the exam, how can it take place?

Me: Oh, Ya. It didn't work out this time, I need to work on my weaker areas from now. So I'll appear again.

Person 2: Hi, I heard that you didn't clear the exam, how can it take place?

Me: Hmm. The exam was tough, I don't know how it happened. I am confused about what to do now.

The responses above are two possible reactions after a failure in an exam. Still, these two differ! One shows acceptance of failure and the other avoidance of reality.

Working on it is the right attitude, justification isn't.

I'm pretty sure when you would have checked your scorecard and seen a bad result, you would have started thinking of all the things which disturbed your studies, all the reasons why you couldn't clear the exam, whether or not the reasons were true. Because all you or for that matter we all want to do is to justify our bad marks.

But justifying anything doesn't change the fact. Whatever happened, happened because you didn't study well, your mind wasn't prepared, your concentration sucked. Maybe you justified saying "Quants section was too hard to handle, VARC was tougher than expected". You know, even I got negative marks in the Quants section, it's not because the section was tough, it's because I didn't prepare well, I took it lightly.

Trust me, it's easy to accept failure than to justify it. You may not have accepted it to date. Accept it and get ready to work on it. It makes you more motivated than before.

So, Now What?

● Accept that you didn't do well and you'll work harder now.

● Start from now, there is no tomorrow.

● You create your own distractions, you and only you are responsible for them.

● Planning is the most important part, don't take it lightly.

● Prepare your mind, don't panic.

Keep working hard, keep learning. It's never too late! All the best, partners.


About Me -

I'm a final year student of B Com from University Maharani College, Jaipur. I had appeared for the CAT exam in 2020 and am now going to retake it in 2021.

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