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CBSE Board Result 2020: If Disappointed, Reach Out! We've All Been There!

If you just saw your CBSE Board Result 2020 and you're feeling disappointed, know that there are people who can help you resolve your apprehensions and come out of what you must be feeling right now. Let me share my story of checking the 12th board result 5 years back and how I feel about it in the hindsight.

CBSE Board Result Disappointed

CBSE Board Result

A Heartbreak I Didn't Expect

I have no shame in accepting that when my 12th board result were announced, I was extremely disappointed. Despite having scored well, I just couldn't come out of the loop of having missed my dream college by 3 marks.

I've been there, more than anything else in my life, I've lived that moment. For about 3 months, I couldn't accept the fact that I hadn't scored what I had expected.

Revaluation of CBSE Exams

I even spent Rs. 5,000 on getting all my exams reevaluated just to self-validate that I deserved it, that it wasn't a mistake on my part and instead a mistake on the part of the exam checkers.

I kept blaming others, thinking why it happened to me, what would happen now, what would others say.

The result of the revaluation was - no increase in marks. I had no other choice but to accept my fate.

Did the Pain Go Away?

Certainly not. It took its own time. The harder you've worked for a goal, the more it hurts to miss out on it.

But, did it go eventually? Yes! Absolutely.

Board Result in Hindsight

Now that I think of that moment, I wonder what made me hit the lowest point of my life.

To think of the consequences of not getting my desired college, I now feel fortunate that I got in a college with relatively fewer opportunities. This made me fight harder for them.

The fire of not getting something kept burning inside and that helped me stay focused for the next goals - MBA entrance preparation and B Com (H) academics.

Did it Hurt During College?

Often, it did. And whenever someone told me - whatever happens, happens for your own good - I felt like punching him/her. But, when I look back, the dots seem to connect.

Not everyone has the same mental capacity to deal with this moment. I often regret not celebrating this day with my parents for what I had got because I was so consumed in focusing on what I had lost.

A Message to CBSE Students

People will tell you that this is not the end of the world and they'll be telling you the truth. No matter how disappointing the result may be looking right now, you can always turn around the situation.

You just need to talk to someone you confide in, someone who would not judge you for being your true self right now, especially now when you need it the most.

I was fortunate to have my parents around to play that crucial role.

If anyone is feeling low right now and wants to talk about it, please reach out. Don't stay in despair, I've done that mistake and I don't want anyone to repeat it. You can message me on Instagram or Facebook.


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