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For DU Students Who Couldn't Get Into Their Dream College

Exactly 5 years ago, I was in the same position as you. I had missed SRCC's cut-off by 3.5 marks. I got admitted to 4 Delhi University colleges within a span of 2 weeks and withdrew my admission from 3 of them.

Throughout the DU admission process, I kept wondering why I couldn't make it to my dream college and whether it would mean an end to all my aspirations. I wished someone could tell me what difference those 3.5 marks were going to make in my life at DU ahead.

If you're a student who has got admission in DU this year but missed your dream institute by just a couple of marks, this post is going to act as a reality check. I'll share with you my journey of not getting into SRCC only to make it to IIM Ahmedabad after pursuing B.Com (H) from Kirori Mal College.

DU Cut Offs Dream College

Does It Matter?

Let's be honest. It matters to some extent. There is a reason why some colleges are aspiring while others are not. But, to what extent it matters is important to understand.

From my 3 years of Delhi University experience, let me share the difference between your dream college and the college you've got into on the following basis:

  • Academics

  • Profile-Building

  • Internships

  • Placements

  • MBA in India

I. Academics

Like any other institute, not all professors teach equally well. Same is the case with the Delhi University colleges. At KMC, there were some excellent teachers, while others mainly taught for the sake of it.

But, the same holds true for SRCC as well. Some of my friends there used to share how the quality of teaching was not up to the mark. In fact, DU professors keep rotating between the colleges, so many of our professors were previously professors at SRCC.

But, one difference under the academics bucket is that of attendance. SRCC had a mandatory attendance policy wherein the students were required to maintain a certain percentage of presents in the classes. Many DU colleges, including KMC, didn't have this policy.

Due to this, we could miss our classes to build a stronger profile or to attend coaching classes. Though, I highly recommend you to attend classes, it was still an added advantage to have.

II. Profile Building

One of the biggest misconceptions is that if you don't get into the top 5 DU colleges, you cannot build a strong profile. It's not true at all! The college you get into can help you with providing opportunities, but what you make of those opportunities is up to you.

Let me share with you a detailed video on how you can build a strong profile despite the lack of opportunities:

I've also written a post for all the Delhi University students on how to build your profile in the first year.

Remember that getting into a college with fewer opportunities also improves the amount of competition within the batch. You'll also have to face inter-college competitions which will help you develop a better skill-set.

III. Internships

There is no doubt about the fact that DU placement cells try their best to bring as many internship and placement opportunities as possible for their college students.

Having said that, the firms that hire from these colleges sometimes have college restriction policies. They don't hire from some colleges. So, the number of internship offers that you may get at a not-so-reputed DU college might be lower.

But, don't feel disheartened. I pursued 4 internships during my first 2 years at KMC. There are ways to turnaround the situation. You can read this post on how to get internships as undergrad students.

In fact, if you're interested in research internships, then I'd also encourage you to read these two experiences shared by students who interned under IIM and IIT professors:

IV. Placements

This is probably going to the biggest factor that plays a difference. At my college, the average package was around 3-4 LPA whereas the same was upward of 7-8 LPA at SRCC with offers as high as 30 LPA.

The number and quality of opportunities were lower in my college with the best offer being made by McKinsey Research Centre at 9 LPA (also considering the brand value).

This was another reason why I was wholeheartedly preparing for the CAT exam, knowing that I didn't have a safe cushion to fall back on. But, I also believe that it is a major reason which helped me crack the exam in the first attempt. Many students from SRCC in my PG shared how placements made them take CAT lightly.

If you're even slight bit interested in pursing an MBA, I'd encourage you to take this as a blessing that you couldn't make it to your dream institute. You'd be able to shine better at a lower ranked institute where the competition for placements as well as for MBA will not be much.

V. MBA in India

As a graduate of IIM Ahmedabad (batch of 2020), I can share with you with facts and confidence that your undergrad college will not hamper your chances of getting into the B-school of your choice.

CAT Aspirants often worry that just because students from IITs, NITs or SRCC make the majority at IIMs, they don't stand a chance to get in if they're from a tier-2 or 3 college in India.

I have evidence in support of the claim that "Your undergrad college doesn't matter". So many of my batch mates were from tier 2 or 3 colleges and they made it to the best of firms during placements at IIMs.

The name of your undergrad college can only help someone understand what you did till you got into that institute, not beyond. Luckily, the interviewers during MBA admissions try understanding what you did after getting in the so-called "branded institute". So, what you make of the college is what counts.

If you're interested in pursing MBA from the IIMs, make use of this blog - I've shared several posts under these categories and have also created a YouTube channel.

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I started this blog to share my experience with the students who might need guidance. If you need to reach out, feel free to comment below or on any of the social media handles of the blog. I'd be happy to respond to your queries as soon as possible.

As an alumna of Delhi University and someone who couldn't make it to her dream institute, I can assure you that you can certainly turn around the tables in your favour if you set your mind to it.

Wishing you the best!

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