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Delhi University Alumnus invites Questions on MBA from DU Students | Shweta Arora

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I got into IIM Ahmedabad as a fresher from Delhi University. When I was preparing for CAT'17, I wanted to have a word with the IIM students from DU to seek guidance on some MBA related queries I had. Since there weren't many such students (or at least it wasn't easy to approach them), I decided to bridge that gap after the completion of my MBA. That's when this blog Non-Engineers was born.

P.S. If you're not from Delhi University, read the note at the bottom of this post.

Shweta Arora Delhi University IIMA

Before I join the corporate sector, I have some time at my disposal. And, I would like to spend it on taking as many MBA related queries as I possibly can. To achieve the same, I'm inviting the Delhi University students to pool their MBA queries via their placement cells (explained ahead).

My Background

  • B.Com (H), KMC, DU

  • 99.09 Percentile in CAT'17

  • Joined IIM Ahmedabad'20

  • Interned at Mondelez (Marketing)

Pooling DU Queries

For DU PC Coordinators

If you're a coordinator of the Training & Placement Cell of your college and you think your college students have some doubts related to MBA/IIMs/CAT/Profile Building that they'd want to get addressed, you can fill your contact details in this form.

I will reach out to you to share how the queries can be addressed through a collaboration with your cell.

For DU Students

If you're a DU student interested in sending your queries, you can reach out to the placement cell of your college by asking them to fill the form mentioned above. I will send out the same details to them.

Prerequisite Post

In order to ensure that the students ask their unaddressed queries, I'd suggest them to read this post first:

What should be my plan to crack CAT?

This post will address most of their concerns related to the plan ahead for CAT 2020. The rest of the follow-ups can be taken through the PC Pooling process explained earlier.

Note for Non-DU Students

The reason this post is addressed to DU students is because I was a DUite at one point of time, so I know how the training and placement cells help their students by organizing such events.

Since I'm unaware of the system in other colleges, I'd request you to check if you have a Placement Cell. If you do, then please ask them to fill the form. If you don't, someone among your college students can volunteer to represent and coordinate for the same. The representative can then fill-in the form.


I have started this initiative because I was recently approached by the Placement Cells of two Delhi University colleges. So, I thought why not invite all others. Hope we all can utilize this time to work on our skills, build a strong profile and help each other in this process of knowledge exchange.

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