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Divya Surana | IIM Indore Interview Experience

Updated: May 4, 2020


  • 10th: 9.8 CGPA

  • 12th: 96%

  • Graduation:, Kirori Mal College - 8.716 CGPA

  • CAT Percentile: 92.9% - General Category

  • Work-Ex: 0 (fresher)

14th Feb 2018 Delhi, Afternoon Slot

WAT Topic-

Advertising is consistently accused of creating needs to push new goods and services in the market

Interview- My slot was third in the panel. The panel consists of three people (all males), two were around 50+ and third one was around 30+.

Q1. Introduce Yourself A. I mentioned little bit about my background and then my acads, my internship and my hobbies.

Q2. Why MBA? A. I mentioned about my interest in commerce especially in finance since my high school, and how my interest groomed during my undergrad- subjects taught in, my internship, my participation in various competitions. And I also related that interest with MBA and how MBA would help me develop my skills and achieve my goals.

Q3. Do you know about Alexander? Who was he and what he did? Why he was known as Alexander - The Great? A. Honestly I wasn't prepared for such type of questions. But I tried to answer with whatever I was able to recall about Alexander at that moment. (Here before answering, I clearly stated that I am not fully sure about it). I mentioned one wrong fact which the interviewer got hold on and followed few more questions on that. Again I mentioned that even though I am not fully aware about the facts, I would try.

Q4. Same interviewer - Do you know who was Chanakaya? A. Yes, he was in the Chandragupta Maurya's advisor and was known for his wisdom.

Q5. Tell me about the Maurya dynasty A. I was not sure about the answer. So with my limited knowledge, I answered whatever I could recall about.

Q6. When do we celebrate Republic Day? Why do we celebrate it? A. Since I studied about this during my prep for PI (feedback from the mock PI conducted by TIME), I was able to answer this.

Q7. When our Constitution came in force? Basic rights and duties as per the Constitution. A. Here again my mock PI experience with TIME helped me to answer this question.

Q8. (Next Interviewer) You have studied economics. What is GDP? What are the various methods of calculating GDP? A. I explained about GDP and three methods of calculating GDP.

Q9. What is Value- added method? What do you mean by double counting? A. I answered this question by giving an example to clearly explain the concept of value - added and double counting.

Q10. Which method is used for calculating India's GDP? A. Since I was reading newspaper I was able to answer this question.

Q11. Next Interviewer- you had maths in your 12th right? A. Yes

Q12. Ok, what is the equation of parabola? A. I answered that

Q13. Write the equation on a paper and draw it's graph A. Did the same

Q14. Are you sure this is the correct formula? A. I rechecked my equation and said yes.

He gave a look as if I gave a wrong answer but I stick to my answer as that was the right equation. He said, ok. And I smiled. And my interview ends there.

Some tips to perform better in the interview:

1. Read newspaper daily. 2. Be thorough with your subjects especially when you are a fresher. 3. Be confident and stay calm. 4. It's ok if you don't know the answer of any question - in such situations I used the approach of "AT"- accept and try. Accept that you are not aware of the answer and try to respond to the question as per your understanding. Disclaimer - Do not quote any wrong facts or statements. Try only if you are somewhat aware about the topic. 5. Prepare some HR questions like tell me about yourself, why MBA, etc 6. Do go for Mock Pl especially stressed interviews.


Divya is a very dear friend of mine and volunteered to share her interview experience for the benefit of all the students. Hope this gives you a flavour for what happens inside an IIM Interview.

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