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DU Admissions 2020: College Doesn't Define You ft. Shreyansh Jain

Are you scared?

With the majority of seats taken, it might be scary for many of you. Due to an increase in the number of students scoring above 95% and the limited number of college seats, cut-offs are soaring high. Even with a pretty impressive score, it is difficult to get into your dream college in the north campus. Last year, I was standing in the same spot as you!

Delhi University Admissions 2020 Shreyansh Jain

With a dream of getting into SRCC, I studied really hard but still couldn’t even manage to get into the north campus. Yes, I know that feeling! Constantly trying to figure out what went wrong, what if you had that 1 extra mark, and what the future holds for you because all your plans now seem to be shattered. It’s normal to have these thoughts, it’s normal to worry about all this.

Why Dream of a College?

So first, let’s start by understanding why do we dream of getting into a college. At the point of our admission, we believe that a better college means better opportunities, better learning, better network and obviously better placement. Does everything depend on your college?

You need to understand that long gone are the days when a student was restricted to his college. To a certain extent, your college name will help you but whether you make it to the end is completely UPTO YOU! Here, I have mentioned a few things you can look up-to in this new phase of your life:

(I have drafted them specifically for those who could not make it to their dream college, but certain points apply to all, irrespective of the college you got in):

What to Do Now?

1. Accept the Fact

Take your time in digesting what happened. In my case, I was hoping to land into a better college even after it was pretty much clear that the seats were full. I understand it’s hard but you need to accept the fact and move on. Once you are completely settled, then only you’ll start focusing on what’s next.

2. Explore

In whichever college you are, you can meet a variety of individuals and learn from them. All the colleges of DU offer you a platform that you can leverage to know and understand the different fields and interests. The first two years of your undergrad is the period to contour your future. Explore and develop your interest. Join the college societies, converse with your seniors, and study the relevant material to know where your interest lies.

3. The Power of ‘YES’

The shift from school to college is a drastic one. I believe, in whatever college you are, you’ll get plenty of opportunities but it’s up to you how you respond. In the initial year, I’ll recommend you to try out different things. Go on and participate, get out of your comfort zone and realize your potential. Your first year is not to make any long-term commitment, it’s meant for experimenting and figuring out yourself.

4. Build Your Network

Now many of you might believe that with a low-tier college it’s not possible to build a valuable network. But it’s not true. We have crossed those days when your network was restricted to the college walls. Leverage this digital era. Apart from the online class, you can use online platforms for connecting with anyone in a similar field like yours. From HRs of any company to professors of some foreign colleges, you can talk to anyone. It’s always better to talk to someone who has walked the path you desire. Many platforms like LinkedIn can help you a lot in this.

5. Academics

This point may vary as per your future plans. If you are planning to go for any master’s degree or plan to take up a corporate job, then you need to keep your grades up. A decent GPA will always work in your favor whatever the condition may be. In a majority of cases, with the shift to college, your grades fall drastically but to be honest it’s very simple to maintain a decent GPA.

Don’t take your attendance lightly and try to cover up as much as possible in your internal scores, pay attention to the difficult subjects as the teachers can help you a lot in understanding the examination pattern and don’t wait for the last moment to start your end semester preparation.

Concluding Note

At the end, I know it’s a confusing time and you might get intimidated by all the pep talks but trust me on this one: You’ll figure out everything, you can make those pieces fall in the right place. It’s scary to get out of that cocoon but it’s a lot fun out there. These cut-offs are just a start don’t let them pull your morale down. Try to enjoy this new phase, making new friends and memories and with all this keep an eye on opportunities.

It’s not your college that will define you, everything boils down to YOU!

About the Author

Shreyansh is a sophomore at the College of Vocational Studies, Delhi University pursuing B.Com (H). Ever since the 10th standard, he wanted to pursue a career in commerce and management and hence decided to pursue this course to explore the different domains. He scored 94.75% in his boards and a 9.23 CGPA in his first year at CVS. He is a CAT aspirant and plans on taking the exam in 2021.


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