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Financial Aid 2.0 for CAT Exam Aspirants & Others | Non-Engineers

Hi everyone, I'm grateful to share that since the inception of the blog (and now the YouTube channel as well), Non-Engineers has been able to generate $167 (Rs. 12,500) in ad revenue.

Last time, a financial aid worth Rs. 2,500 was offered in the month June. This time, the corpus is 4 times to support more students with their educational needs.

Financial Aid Nonengineers CAT

Financial Aid 2.0

The aid is intended to support students with self-preparation books for exams like CAT, GMAT, XAT, CA, etc. The intention is to bridge the financial asymmetry and not let lack of funds be a reason for anyone to not go for their dreams. If you are in need of the aid, please find the details below:

Important Instructions

1. This aid is intended to provide support to students from a financially weak background. If you CAN afford to prepare on your own, I'd urge you to NOT fill this form and let someone in need take its due benefit.

2. You can select any 1 self-preparation book and fill its details in the form. The aid is non-monetary i.e. you will not get cash, the book will directly reach your address (to be shared if you get selected).

3. The deadline to fill this form is Sunday (8th Nov, 2020) and the book will take another week to reach you. Fill the form only in case you can wait for at least 2 weeks.

4. Filling the form doesn't guarantee selection. You will receive an e-mail from me b/w 9th-12th Nov in case you get selected.

5. Throughout the process, your identity will not be revealed. The details you fill in the form will not be shared with anyone. There is an "add comments" option at the end of form in case you wish to build your case further.


Link to the form:

Last date to fill is 8th Nov.

Request To Share

In case you know someone who is in need of financial support for preparation of any competitive exam, please share this post with them. In case you wish to reach out to help others in need (be it through sending books or sharing knowledge), you can contact me at (please don't drop exam-related doubts over e-mail, you can use the comments section for the same):

Thank you for your help.

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