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Food Outlets at IIM Ahmedabad

Updated: May 4, 2020

IIM Ahmedabad has 10 outlets in total (within and at the periphery of the institute). Out of these, 9 are inside - 6 in the old campus (including the mess) and 3 in the new campus.

The mess food is much better than most of the undergrad institutes (as shared by my friends studying here who have graduated from different parts of the country). Many students have subscribed to the mess food and are regular eaters. There is also a provision for the ones who don’t wish to subscribe to all the meals but just breakfast/lunch/dinner. One can also pay-per-meal basis. Food on campus is priced average and is quite affordable.

Student Mess

The rest of the outlets are also good enough, frequently visited by the campus residents. Some outlets like Radhika’s are known for their South Indian food and breakfast while others like Nescafe (now Campus Cafe) come to the rescue of students during late-night cravings (Maggi).

Nescafe (now Campus Cafe)

Bhavesh Bhai (Campus Cafe)

Since the mess is in the old campus, there is an outlet called KK Kitchen in the new campus for the food subscription. Beyond these, both the campuses have easy access to food outlets outside the campus (within 5 km).

Food ordering apps like Zomato, Swiggy, and UberEats are often used on campus and it is an easy process to get your food delivered to your dorm. Overall, the food on campus is decent, much better than the options I & many other students had on their undergrad campuses.

The options are limited, sometimes may cause boredom but are healthier than the ones we had in our undergrad. Most of the cuisines can be found :)


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