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India's Biggest CAT 2021 Mock Series is Here! Unlock using the Code NONENGINEERS

If you are a CAT 2021 aspirant or even a CAT 2022 aspirant, here is a good news for you, an established brand in the EdTech industry - Unacademy is offering 4 Free CAT Mocks for all the aspirants for the next 4 Sundays:

All India Mock Tests for CAT

Unacademy has launched the All India Test Series for CAT 2021 and you can use it to access 4 free mocks today. Unlock the series by clicking here and using the Code NONENGINEERS while enrolling yourself.

Registration Steps

Step 1 - Click here

Step 2 - Type in your 10-digit phone number. Click Enroll for free.

Step 3 - Fill in the details along with OTP.

Step 4 - Use the code NONENGINEERS to unlock the free mocks.

Step 5 - You're all done! Enroll in the mocks and wish you the best! :)

Video Tutorial

Watch this video to see a live tutorial of how to register for India's biggest CAT 2021 mock series for the CAT exam free of cost:

Benefits of AIMT

  1. India's largest pool of candidates is going to be taking the mock. It is the perfect opportunity for you to evaluate where you stand among all the CAT test takers.

  2. In-depth Analysis of CAT mocks will be provided. Along with that, there will be a discussion with the CAT toppers on tips to improve your weaker areas.

  3. The tests will be like a simulation of actual CAT 2021 exam. The test will help you face the pressure and prepare yourself beforehand.

Why CAT 2022 takers should enroll?

It is a good idea to test where you stand and identify your weaker areas early on so that you can self prepare for those sections before taking coaching (if you have to). Hence, I'd highly recommend all CAT aspirants to enroll for these free CAT mocks being conducted on Sunday.

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