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Free Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Digital Marketing Certifications add a lot of value to your CV and increase your chances of getting hired for marketing internships and jobs.

If you want to do only the top digital marketing courses, these five should be on your list:

1. Google Ads Search Certification - This certification will help you get acquainted with Google Search Ad Campaigns. When you search anything on Google, you see ads like this:

Ever wondered how these ads are made or displayed by Google? Well, if not, this certification will help you learn not only about search ad campaigns but also how smart bidding for these campaigns works.

Time Requirement - 1.3 hours | Fee - 0 | Certificate - Yes

Link: Google Ads Search Certification

2. Google Ads Display Certification - You must have seen those banner ads or side ads on websites and blogs. They are nothing but Google's Display Ads. This certification will help you understand how Google optimizes its presence on websites and shows relevant display ads of its clients.

Time Requirement - 1.3 hours | Fee - 0 | Certificate - Yes

Link: Google Ads Display Certification

3. Google Ads Measurement Certification - Have you heard of terms like click-through-rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC) and bounce rate? These are the most basic measures used to evaluate the effectiveness of ads. This certification will familiarize you with such parameters which help you monitor the success of your campaigns.

Time Requirement - 1.3 hours | Fee - 0 | Certificate - Yes

Link: Google Ads Measurement Certification

4. Hubspot Inbound Certification - If you haven't heard of the term inbound marketing, this is the time you should. Hubspot pioneered the term, which means to attract consumers to your website using the right content, search engine optimization techniques and more. This certification will help you grab the skills required to increase the traffic on your brand's website.

Time Requirement - 1.54 hours | Fee - 0 | Certificate - Yes

Link: Hubspot Inbound Certification

5. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification - If you want to become a content writer or you love blogging or you want to understand how websites rank #1 on Google, this certification is meant for you. It will disclose powerful content marketing strategies to bring your website to the top of the search list. It will also share tips to write more engaging content and increase the screen time of your audience.

Time Requirement - 6.06 hours | Fee - 0 | Certificate - Yes

Link: Hubspot Content Marketing Certification


In one of our courses at IIM-A, it is mandatory for us to get ourselves certified in these courses. Our professor shared that these certifications not only increase your employability but also help you build your own website, blog, etc. During internships, many non-FMCG marketing students saw real-life applications of these courses.

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