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Free Human Resources (HR) Courses to boost your CV

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

If you're interested in getting acquainted with the field of Human Resources (HR) and want to boost your CV/Resume alongside, here is a list of 5 HR courses that you can do for free:

  • Diploma in Human Resources by Alison With more than 100,000 students enrolled in this diploma, it is one of the most highly valued online HR courses that uncovers the key functions and roles of HR professionals. This course will help you develop your career in Human Resources by teaching you the key skills needed for guaranteeing that you hire the right staff and train and motivate them effectively. It requires 8-10 hours and offers a certificate. Link: Alison Diploma in HR

  • Oxford Home Study Centre HR Course Endorsed by a well known institute in the industry, this course focuses on three primary topics, which include an overview of HR management, the fundamentals of candidate recruitment and an exploration of ongoing staff training and development. On completion of this course, you will receive a letter of completion from the college. It requires 20 hours for completion. Link: Oxford Home Study Centre

  • HRM Course by University of Minnesota In case you wish to go for a specialized version of HRM course, similar to what is taught in B-schools, this course is meant for you. This specialization provides a robust introduction to the key principles, policies, and practices of human resource management. It requires full commitment and a total of 5 months to complete this specialized course. Link: HRM Specialization Course

  • Wharton's Course on Human Capital Based on a popular course taught at Wharton, this course will teach you how to motivate individual performance and design reward systems, how to design jobs and organize work for high performance, how to make good and timely management decisions, and how to design and change your organization’s architecture. It will require a total of 9 hours for completion. Link: Wharton's Social Human Capital

  • Diversity in Workplace by ESSEC On the lines of a course taught at most B-schools, ESSEC Business School offers this course to synthesize future HR managers on the subject of diversity and inclusion at workplaces. This course will help you identify ways to manage diversity, so that you can better channel the diversity potential in the workplace for greater performance and innovation. It requires 12 hours to complete. Link: Diversity in Workplace


These courses will give a boost to your profile and help in showing inclination for HR to recruiters and B-schools during interviews. For other courses check out the following links:

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