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Free Online Resources to Prepare for CAT 2020 Quants

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Amidst the scare of Covid-19, a lot of you might be short of resources to prepare for the CAT 2020 exam. I spent some time on finding some free resources online that you can use to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude at home. This time calls for some amount of innovation on your part to design your own timetable for CAT:


Let's discuss the resources that are available online for free preparation of QA:

Quantitative Aptitude

For QA, there are the following main areas of concern:

Conceptual Clarity

  • Takshzila Shikshak - This is one of the best YouTube channels that offers free video content on different topics of QA. All you need to do is to search in their playlist for a topic and then watch the videos. I used their videos for Number System and Geometry revision and since I had attended TIME classes beforehand, I can tell you that the quality of teaching is the same. They have 2 YouTube channels:

  1. Old Channel

  2. New Channel

  • PrepCha - This is a YouTube channel powered by TathaGat coaching institute and has some good content on tricks and vedic maths. You can access their channel's playlist here.

  • HitBullsEye - This YouTube channel provides ample questions in each of its videos divided on the basis of QA chapters. It actually shows how questions from that topic are to be solved - click here for link.

Revision of Formulas

  • Takshzila Shikshak - They have also published some PDF files for revision of topics and formulas. They are very easy to understand, cover a lot of topics and are absolutely free. The link to access is here.

  • TathaGat - This coaching institute used to publish a lot of free content material for students. Here is a compilation of all important concepts and formulas for CAT 2018 that they assembled - Concepts.

Practice Questions

  • 2IIM - This resource bank provides you with 1600+ CAT questions divided on the basis of chapters. You can use these to practice on a daily basis. The link is available here.

  • Byju's - This link will provide you with almost 30 questions in each topic to practice QA along with their detailed solutions. No charge for the questions or the answers - link.

  • BodheePrep - More than 850+ questions are available on this website along with the explanations. You need to click on a particular topic to select sets and attempt them - click here.

  • Youth4Work - This website has curated a list of questions available in the form of short online tests (around 10 questions each) for the aspirants. A sign up will be required to appear for the test - here.

  • Ascent Education - A lot of study material is available on this website for practicing quantitative aptitude questions. You can access the resources topic-wise here.

Sectional Tests

  • Cracku - This website provides some free topic-wise tests for QA preparation. There is only one sign up which will be required after which you can access these tests - here.

  • WordPandit - It provides a plethora of free tests for CAT preparation, that too section-wise and topic-wise. There is only one drawback that these tests are often not timed, so you need to keep a track - link.

  • TCYonline - This is one of the largest resource bank for CAT practice questions, but it requires a sign up of students. Hence, you may access the tests after signing up - here.

  • WizIQ - Another website that has a lot of tests for practice but requires a sign up - link.

Doubt Clarification

For any doubts that you may have, the best resource available online is PagalGuy. Year after year, aspirants, especially the CAT toppers keep a close watch on the active CAT handles of PagalGuy and help their peers in solving their doubts. When I used to write any doubt here, I generally received a comment with solution within 24 hours. You may follow these links of CAT 2019 that are still active:


You may use these resources for your preparation. This should tell you that there are ample amount of resources available online if you want to prepare seriously. Also, don't feel overwhelmed by the amount of material you can cover. Just move step-by-step, use the existing material (if you have any) and keep smaller targets. Then, pick any resources from the above-mentioned and use them to improve on your existing level of preparation.

You don't have to solve everything. You just need to pick them as per your need daily.

You may also check out these links:

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