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From Shortlists to Converts | Journey of IIM Interviews

Updated: May 4, 2020

I was pursuing my graduation in B Com (H) when I got a call from all the IIMs. After the laborious CAT Preparation, all you need are shortlists, trust me. I had scored 99.09 percentile in CAT. Based on the previous trends, I expected to get a call from at least some IIMs. The CAT result was declared at 10 AM on Jan 8, 2018, and the shortlists followed the next day:

After having been shortlisted, I started preparing for the GDs and PIs. Reading newspapers regularly (I read The Hindu and Mint) is a must. In 7/8 of my interviews, I was asked about current affairs. Honing your hobby (I read a lot about advertising) is another must. In 6/8 of my interviews I talked about advertising in one way or the other. Knowing your grad subjects (I revised some topics) is also important. In 7/8 of my interviews, I was questioned on academics.

My first interview was scheduled on 5th February 2018 - IIM Shillong. It got followed by IIM Calcutta, IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Bangalore in that order.

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My interviews took place at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi, it was a calm place:

By the time I appeared for IIM Lucknow and IIM Indore, I had gotten used to the process: document verification, WAT/GD, snacks break, personal interview.

Based on my experiences, I thought IIM Ahmedabad’s interview was a disaster, IIM Bangalore was average and IIM Calcutta was good. I expected rejection from A, a wait-list from B and a direct convert from C.

IIM Bangalore was the first to release its result. I eagerly typed in my roll number, only to find that I had gotten a rejection. I was so shattered. All my hopes from IIM Ahmedabad were now lost. I called my father and told him I couldn’t make it to B. I almost cried.

But, 5 minutes later (and I am so grateful, it was just 5 minutes of waiting), IIM Ahmedabad declared its results. By that time, 4 of my friends had gathered in my room. My hands were literally shaking when I typed in the number. And, there it was -

It was the best feeling, to cry out of joy and inform your parents that you’ve finally made it. And, you know what’s funny, my father congratulated me and asked, “Will you attend FMS’s interview now?” I laughed, I knew the answer to it and so did he.

The final results were as follows:

  • Direct Converts - IIM-A, L, K, I, S, CAP

  • Waitlisted Converts - IIM-C

  • Rejection - IIM-B

  • Skipped Interview - FMS

It is rightly said, these results are very unpredictable.


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