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General Awareness Questions - IIM Interviews

Updated: May 4, 2020

Questions that the interviewers expected the candidates to be generally aware about:


Q: Which country is smaller than Delhi?

Q: Where does the Kaveri River originate?

Q: How is Sachin Tendulkar related to CNR Rao?

Q: How fast is the population of India growing?

Q: Do you know about any country which is heading to full employment state?

Q: By whom was Gandhiji inspired most from?

Q: How many districts do you think are there in India?

Q: What is the highest designation in Indian Air Force?

Q: Do you know how a president is elected?

Q: How many people does a MP and an MLA represent?

Q: What is Big Tuesday?

Q: Which states of India have banned Alcohol?

Q: Who owns Greenland?

Q: When was Battle of Panipat fought?

Q: What do you know about Sepoy Mutiny?

Q: Who built Red Fort?

Q: The wettest region in the world has changed now, so which is it?

Q: Clarify one thing, why are there two names for the same state? Uttarakhand and Uttaranchal?

Q: What is the total energy generating capacity of India? What is the deficit?

Q: Who won the Nobel Prize in physics last time?

Q: Name the lady chief minister of India from a South Indian state?

Q: Who is Sitaram Yechury?

Q: Do you know what Politburo is?

Q: Which of Trump’s family members are involved with him in politics?

Q: Where is Trump Tower?

Q: Which celebrity recently started a political party?

Q: What is Kyoto Protocol?

Q: When did India become a part of WTO?


This list will be updated daily, keep checking the Repository of IIM Interviews.

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