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Hobby Questions - IIM Interviews

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Questions asked in IIM interviews around the hobbies of the candidates:



Q: How many Sudoku puzzles can exist? Not solved solutions, but puzzles.


Q: It is obvious that the king is called king and the queen is called queen, but why is the rook called rook?

Q: Why is there a bishop in the army?

Q: How is the rating decided in chess?

Q: Tell me who is the number one player currently? Which country is he from?

Q: What is Vishwanathan Anand's chess rating?

Q: Who has the highest rating in chess if all time?

Q: Which country has produced most chess champions?


Q: Suppose I am at the “T” and you are retrieving the ball. What shots can you play which will ensure that I can’t get back to this zone?

Q: Tell us about any famous Squash players? Anyone from India?


Q: Which was the last book by Dan Brown?

Q: So, you read ASOIAF , which is game of thrones right? So quickly tell me what's your take on the fact that 6th book will be released after the release of season 6?


Q: Which team or country do you support?

Q: What are the 2 most important things in football?


Q: Can you connect cricket with nature? (three-cricket-venues-that-have-a-tree-inside-the-ground)

Q: Can you connect cricket with the police? (Shane Bond was a police officer before becoming a cricketer)

Q: Tell me a new Zealand cricketer who died recently?

Q: Tell me who holds the record for most no. of consecutive maidens in a spell and against whom?

Q: Who has faced most no. of balls in a test innings?

Q: Who has faced most no. of balls in a test innings for India?

Q: Name top five Indians in that list (faced most no. of balls in a test innings).

Q: No. of test wickets of Anil Kumble?

Q: Highest wicket taker in tests?

Q: Draw a Popularity Vs Time curve for Sachin Tendulkar, explaining all the inflection points.

Q: Tell me what is Nelson in cricket?

Q: You know what a Chinaman is?


Q: What is Federation Cup in Tennis?

Q: What is Hopman Cup in Tennis?


Q: Can you recite some lines for us impromptu?


Q: So, you had a training in classical music. Name any raag with 5 swaras.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? Any favourite singers? Their songs?

Q: What was the Gharana of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan?

Q: So, why don’t you play a little drum piece for us on this table here?

Q: So in recent times, just last year, a number of great musicians passed away. Can you name a few of them?

Q: What about the Eagles? Someone passed away from that band too?

Q: So you are a guitarist? Okay, there is no guitar in this room. How will you convince me that you are a guitarist staying in this room?


Q: Can you tell me how many gharanas are there in Kathak? And who are their major exponents?

Q: What is the difference between these gharanas?


Q: What all places have you traveled to?

Q: What is the height of Kalsubai peak?

Q: What else have you done apart from trekking?


Q: So, when was the last you ran a half-marathon? What was your timing?

Q: Why do you like running long marathons as I also do it but people think we are mad?

Q: How long is a half-marathon?


Q: Tell us about this ‘Chadar’ trek you did. How cold was it and if it was life threatening why did you take such risk?

Q: So, how did you train for this if you did?

Q: How thick was the ice?


Q: Quizzing looks boring to me. You ask questions in a cycle to the same people again and again. Have you done something different in it?


Q: Have you ever taken a dive from the board?

Q: Who is your favourite swimmer?

Q: Which stroke are you in?

Q: Which is the fastest stroke?


Q: What kind of plays do you do?

Q: What have the themes of your plays been?

Q: So being in the theatre circuit and all, what are your views on the debate going on about Freedom of Speech?

Q: 'Tasher Desh' and 'Rokto Korobi' together? How did you connect those two?

Q: Well, now that you mention 'Hirok Rajar Deshe', if you have seen the film you will notice that every character's dialogues are in rhymes, except one. Can you tell me who and why?


Q: Where was Picasso from?

Q: Tell me about a Bollywood movie made on a very famous painter.

Q: Name three famous painters of India.


This list will be updated daily, keep checking the Repository of IIM Interviews.

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