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Hobby Questions - IIM Interviews

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Questions asked in IIM interviews around the hobbies of the candidates:



Q: How many Sudoku puzzles can exist? Not solved solutions, but puzzles.


Q: It is obvious that the king is called king and the queen is called queen, but why is the rook called rook?

Q: Why is there a bishop in the army?

Q: How is the rating decided in chess?

Q: Tell me who is the number one player currently? Which country is he from?

Q: What is Vishwanathan Anand's chess rating?

Q: Who has the highest rating in chess if all time?

Q: Which country has produced most chess champions?


Q: Suppose I am at the “T” and you are retrieving the ball. What shots can you play which will ensure that I can’t get back to this zone?

Q: Tell us about any famous Squash players? Anyone from India?


Q: Which was the last book by Dan Brown?

Q: So, you read ASOIAF , which is game of thrones right? So quickly tell me what's your take on the fact that 6th book will be released after the release of season 6?


Q: Which team or country do you support?

Q: What are the 2 most important things in football?


Q: Can you connect cricket with nature? (three-cricket-venues-that-have-a-tree-inside-the-ground)

Q: Can you connect cricket with the police? (Shane Bond was a police officer before becoming a cricketer)

Q: Tell me a new Zealand cricketer who died recently?

Q: Tell me who holds the record for most no. of consecutive maidens in a spell and against whom?

Q: Who has faced most no. of balls in a test innings?

Q: Who has faced most no. of balls in a test innings for India?

Q: Name top five Indians in that list (faced most no. of balls in a test innings).

Q: No. of test wickets of Anil Kumble?

Q: Highest wicket taker in tests?

Q: Draw a Popularity Vs Time curve for Sachin Tendulkar, explaining all the inflection points.

Q: Tell me what is Nelson in cricket?

Q: You know what a Chinaman is?


Q: What is Federation Cup in Tennis?

Q: What is Hopman Cup in Tennis?


Q: Can you recite some lines for us impromptu?


Q: So, you had a training in classical music. Name any raag with 5 swaras.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? Any favourite singers? Their songs?

Q: What was the Gharana of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan?

Q: So, why don’t you play a little drum piece for us on this table here?

Q: So in recent times, just last year, a number of great musicians passed away. Can you name a few of them?

Q: What about the Eagles? Someone passed away from that band too?

Q: So you are a guitarist? Okay, there is no guitar in this room. How will you convince me that you are a guitarist staying in this room?


Q: Can you tell me how many gharanas are there in Kathak? And who are their major exponents?

Q: What is the difference between these gharanas?


Q: What all places have you traveled to?

Q: What is the height of Kalsubai peak?

Q: What else have you done apart from trekking?


Q: So, when was the last you ran a half-marathon? What was your timing?

Q: Why do you like running long marathons as I also do it but people think we are mad?

Q: How long is a half-marathon?