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Hometown Questions - IIM Interviews

Updated: May 5, 2020

Questions asked by IIMs around the cities & states the candidates belong from:

  • Assam

Q: What is Assam famous for?

Q: Is Silchar a city or a state?

Q: Does water boil at higher or lower temperature in Guwahati than Delhi?

  • Andhra Pradesh

Q: What is the capital city of AP? (this was a trick question)

Q: So what is famous in Visakhapatnam?

Q: Have you heard of any other Amravati in India.

  • Bihar

Q: You are from Bihar. Alcohol is banned there. Which other states have this ban?

Q: Suppose Mr. Nitish Kumar calls upon you tomorrow and asks you for three recommendations to improve your state. What would you say?

  • Delhi

Q: Do you think Delhi should be given full statehood?

Q: Tell me something about Delhi's history.

Q: When was Battle of Panipat fought?

Q: What do you know about Sepoy Mutiny?

Q: Who built Red Fort?

Q: So you studied at Guwahati. How is that city different from your home-town Delhi?

  • Jharkhand

Q: When was Jharkhand separated?

Q: Why do you think Jharkhand was separated from Bihar?

Q: Do you think separation provided a solution?

Q: What is Koderma famous for?

Q: Jharkhand is the major exporter of which items?

  • Kerala

Q: So, what is the language spoken in Kerala?

Q: So, what are all the states in South India?

Q: So, tell me the name of a chief minister from South India.

  • Maharashtra

Q: Where does Pune get its water from?

Q: What are some famous landmarks of Pune?

Q: Do you think Nagpur is rapidly moving towards becoming capital of Maharashtra?

Q: Do you think separation of Vidarbha from Maharashtra help Nagpur grow?

  • Meghalaya

Q: There’s a huge lake right on the way to Shillong when you move from Guwahati. Name it.

  • Odisha

Q: Tell me who is Kelucharan Mohapatra?

Q: Who was Sanjukta Panigrahi

Q: There are lot of "chalu" songs in Odia. Can you sing one?

Q: Which Odia film did you watch recently?

Q: Why do you think they changed "Orissa" to "Odisha?

  • Tamil Nadu

Q: Which is the closest beach near Trichy?

  • Telangana

Q: Why was the bifurcation done? Reasons behind it?

Q: So, do you support the bifurcation?

Q: Then what were you doing during the agitation that was going on in Telangana?

  • Uttar Pradesh

Q: Why has Shamli been in news since 2012?

  • Uttarakhand

Q: In Uttarakhand I have seen there are two main regions and people identify themselves to be from one of the two. What are they?

Q: I’m always confused between the different places that come under the two main regions. Can you help me out? List me three places in Kumaon?

Q: Clarify one thing, why are there two names for the same state? Uttarakhand and Uttaranchal?

  • West Bengal

Q: Do you know who is Sitaram Yechury?


This list will be updated daily, keep checking the Repository of IIM Interviews.

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