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How Does IIM Ahmedabad Mess Food Look Like?

There was such a tremendous response when I answered this question on Quora with just one image (the one right below this paragraph). Didn't know readers were so interested in knowing that IIM Ahmedabad mess food is nothing like what is portrayed in the 2 States movie by Ananya. So, this answer is going to contain images of the IIM Ahmedabad mess and its food. Less words, more photos, so enjoy :)

IIM Ahmedabad Mess Food

Now, before you start drooling, let me clarify that the image on the left is of a party (we had freshers, I guess or maybe the Harvard Dinner). The images on the right are of the routine menu.

Before I share more images, let me also state that the cost of food is not included in the fee of the program. Hence, it is not a compulsion to eat from the mess, you can choose not to subscribe.

If you go ahead with the subscription, there is an option to select a combination of breakfast, lunch or/and dinner. You can also specify whether you'd want the vegetarian option or the non-vegetarian one, you're charged accordingly. It amounts to in between 3-5k per month. The subscription needs to be renewed monthly.

Mess is by far one of the most economical and hygienic options on the campus. One of the reasons some students don't subscribe to mess food after a couple of months of joining is the hectic schedule. We often used to get up late and rush to our classrooms, leaving no time for breakfast :P

Now coming to more photos (I said fewer words but when do I ever abide by that).

  • On some good days -

IIMA Mess Food

  • The mess timings -

IIMA Mess Timings

  • Breakfast always included a fruit -

IIM Mess Food

  • Eggs as well, omelette alternate days -

IIM-A Mess Food

  • This was our mess hallway, where surprise quizzes got announced (see the board?)

IIM Ahmedabad Mess

  • Another good day :)

IIM Mess Charges

  • We had soup almost twice a week -

IIM Mess Food

Just a light post for the weekend :) Hope you liked it.

Here's more if you want to know about: Life at IIM Ahmedabad

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