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How to get into the Placement Cell of your college?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

In discussion with the Head Coordinator of a Placement Cell of Delhi University

Out of the top north campus colleges of Delhi University, I got in touch with one of the Head Coordinators of a reputed Placement Cell known for its work ethics and professionalism. A short chat with the Head Coordinator helped me understand how first year and second year students are recruited and what is the overall workload.

Q: When you were in the first year, what was your motivation to apply to the Placement Cell?

A: I had heard from my friends that the cell is very professional and our college is known for it. It is also a commonly held belief that Placement Cells are very important for a college/university learning experience. Moreover, the second and third years did a great job in marketing the cell in the induction, and the way they spoke, how confident they were - all that convinced me to apply to the cell.

Q: What were the rounds of selection and what was asked in those rounds?

A: There were three rounds:

  1. Google Form

  2. Personal Interview

  3. Panel Interview

Each round revolved around three types of questions: basic details, our experiences or position of responsibilities (if any) and self-rating on various factors like communication, graphic designing, content etc. There were also some critical thinking questions like what would you do in this-that situation or which is better "perfect but late or average and normal"?

Q: So, how did you prepare for these questions to get selected?

A: The first thing I did was to make my CV. This was the first time I was doing this so naturally it took a lot of time, especially in picking the right format of CV as it's very important. Then, I researched all I could about the cell. For this, I read the newsletter and brochure on the website, went through the Facebook page and the group. Before the interview, I had a fair idea about what the cell does and how it functions.Then I prepared for the interview questions by reading about them online to get an idea on how to tackle them.

Q: What do you think was being evaluated (in terms of skills) in your interviews?

A: Since no one expects us to have done big things in school, mostly it was the personality that was being judged. The way we answered our question, the way we responded to any trick/ unexpected question, how we behaved if slightly provoked, etc. Also, having a decent command on English is important for the cell.

Q: So, once you got selected, how were you inducted in the team, since you must not be aware of the working? Was it stressful to be a part of the cell?

A: We had a series to workshops in which we were acquainted about the working of cell extensively. It wasn't so stressful as we were gradually given work, it wasn't thrown at us all at once, so it wasn't difficult to gel in.

Q: At any point, did you feel it was getting in the way of your academics? How did you manage your attendance, grades simultaneously?

A: Not really, most of the meetings were held post 12:40 when the more important classes weren't scheduled and as for the drives, that used to be once or twice a month and since it was big enough team, it wasn't difficult to manage. We also had the attendance benefit, which helped us.

Q: I've often heard people say, "If you are in the Placement Cell of your college, you cannot be in any other cell". How true is this statement in your opinion?

A: I don't think that's true. Time management also depends upon the individual in my opinion. Some people can manage 3-4 things at once and some can manage 1-2 only. I think, at least in the beginning one should apply for more than one societies because that's how the time management will improve.

Q: As the Head Coordinator of a Placement Cell, what has been the change in your skill-set?

A: The Placement Cell has definitely been one of the best decisions of my college life. It has been my home for the past 2.5 years. I have seen myself grow into a better person during this time and have gained immense professional experiences. As the Head Coordinator, I’ve learnt a lot about team leading, teamwork and management during my tenure which will be invaluable for me in my professional career.

Q: Anything else you'd like to suggest someone who's willing to join the cell in the 1st or 2nd year?

A: I'd just like to say that even though it's a selfless job as you'll work for other's placements but the exposure and soft skills you'll inculcate would be worth it. Also, being a part of any club/society makes college more bearable, so you must go for it :)


So, this was all about the process and experience of getting into the Placement Cell. The person who shared this experience took out a valuable chunk of time to help all the students on this platform. A big shout out for the kindness and the geniality.

If you have a question like this, feel free to reach out to me through the Non-Engineers Facebook Page.

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