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Clueless How To Prepare For CAT 2021/CAT 2022? List of Resources to Use!

If you've not been regular on the YouTube Channel, you may have missed a couple of videos that were uploaded specifically for someone preparing for CAT 2021 and CAT 2022.

In this post I'm going to list those resources and also explain the umbrella strategy of preparation:

CAT 2021

If you're preparing for CAT 2021, then the first thing is to decide whether or not you're weak at some sections because that is going to help you determine if you'd need coaching. For testing that, I've shared some free resources ahead.

Once you have decided about coaching, the important thing to note is to not take coaching for more than 11-12 months before CAT because it may cause a burnout! It happened with a lot of people in my college, so don't make that mistake.

To choose which coaching to take, make use of this coaching survey that was conducted among the members of the channel.

Now, I'm going to list some videos that will help you in determining which books to use, what timetable to follow, etc.

Beginner's Guide

This video will share the full-year plan and all the stages of CAT 2021 Preparation:

Daily Routine

In this video, I've shared the three kinds of routines I followed during my CAT preparation journey:

Quantitative Aptitude

This video shares a step-by-step account of how I prepared for the QA section which was my weakness:

Logical Reasoning

This video shares how you can improve your ability to reason and calculate quickly using the free resources:

Reading Comprehensions

This video shares a couple of secrets that helped us at IIM Ahmedabad to comprehend cases faster:

Unacademy Free Material

There are a lot of resources being offered for free prep by Unacademy which have been explained in this video:

If you want to watch more videos on CAT 2021 preparation, you can check out this playlist.

CAT 2022

If you're preparing for any CAT exam except CAT 2021, then the strategy differs because your core preparation will begin 11-12 months before the CAT exam.

So, before that, there are other things you should focus on:

Profile Building

Apart from academic scores, work-experience and CAT score, your profile plays an important role in getting you selected. This video talks about a couple of things you can do to build a strong profile:

Hobby Building

Hobby Building takes 2-3 months of dedicated preparation, so you must watch this video and spend some time building a niche of your own:


As a part of profile building, you can work on getting an internship or even intern under IIM professors to gain some experience:

GK Preparation

I'm yet to make a video on this topic, but reading a general and a business newspaper daily can go a long way in preparing for the interviews. So, start the practice of reading editorials of 2 newspapers on a daily basis.

Self Preparation

Finally, you can use self-prep books like Arun Sharma's and self-prepare for any sections that you find yourself weak in. But, make sure you don't take mocks before 11-12 months before CAT because it won't help right now. Just focus on clearing basics of the sections you are weak in.

If you want to watch more videos on Skill-Building, refer to this playlist.


So, these were a couple of resources I wanted to share for those preparing for CAT 2021/CAT 2022. If you have any doubts, feel free to add in the comments section of the latest video on Non-engineers YouTube Channel.

New videos get uploaded every Tue & Sat at 7 PM. Stay tuned!
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