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How to Score 95%+ in Class 12th Boards? ft. Sanatan Swaroop

Commerce has always been an interesting field for me. From a family of engineers, I was the second one in my family to opt for commerce in 11th and 12th after my elder sister. So, I, a mere minnow was always compared with my big engineer cousins. Finally, I decided that it’s time to show my kin that commerce too is a knowledgeable and lucrative stream apart from the conventional science stream.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you all my journey of how even after wasting the entire class 11th academics, I managed to score 95% in class 12th boards. Now I know that 95% is not that awe-inspiring but hey, it’s not bad either ;)



Before you even fabricate your dream of scoring more than 90% in boards, first of all (and most importantly) identify in which subjects you have strong and weak stands. It will give you an overall layout of which subject deserves more of your attention and efforts and which don’t.

Determining your weak and strong subject would also allow you to map a strategy for boards. It will tell you how much assistance you need in your weak subject to transition it into one of the scoring subjects. It will also help in you pre-determining your plans for coaching institute in case you need one.

Experience from class 11 will allow you to discover your weak and strong subjects. Ask yourself, “Which subject was tough for me and which was relatively easier?” Most of the students face difficulty in Accountancy and Mathematics and have a comparatively strong stand in Business Studies and Economics.


I’m going to keep this short and explicit. The earlier you start your studies, the better it will be. Now in my case, I had to give my 12th boards in March 2020. So, I began my preparations in March 2019. And I firmly believe that it’s not exaggerating. Don’t start late like in September or October. I repeat DON’T START LATE!!!!


Do you know why most of the students are not able to score good marks in Accounts. Here is a list of obvious reasons:

  • Wrong Calculations

  • Lack of Basic Accounting Knowledge

  • Unwillingness to devote Time and Effort

I beseech you for three main things. First, work on your calculations. Second, Learn the basics and finally, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Never skip the theory.

Suppose you want to solve Partnership questions. Now until and unless you don’t study the theory you will never understand the necessary rudiments involved in solving Partnership questions. This is the fault most of the students make. They skip the theory, gather some overall knowledge about solving questions and jump right at question-solving.

You need to understand that the theory has certain importance and weightage. And you’ll realize that when you’ll appear for your Viva practical. A student with theoretical knowledge has 90% success in solving a random Accounting question as compared to students who lack theoretical knowledge.

Now for calculation. To simply say, the more you solve the questions, the better your calculation will be. Now I don’t know how many questions I have solved in Accountancy but I have solved all the questions including illustrations from the DK Goel book. It is because I had an abundance of time to devote to Accountancy as I started my preparations early. (That’s why I told you, the earlier, the better).

The final tip for Accountancy is that your success will depend upon the devotion you will ultimately give to Accountancy. I hated Accounts at first but in the end, I was its devotee. Start, try, fail but never fear mistakes. Remember, the perfect and the most skilled people were those who made the most mistakes while learning.


If you are not able to memorize something, just write it. I would advise you to be more organized and maintain different copies for different subjects. That would provide ease of access. Furthermore, writing allows you to remember content more clearly and also improves your writing speed, something which is quite handy for Board’s exams.

5. SOLVE PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS – Finally, your long grueling journey is coming to an end. As you complete the syllabus of each subject, start with the previous year's question paper solving. Now it has multiple advantages. First, it will give you a mock experience of Boards. The second is Time Management.

While solving the papers, you would get an idea of how much time you should be devoting to each section. Now that is important in Accountancy, Mathematics and English.

Third, it will familiarize you with the sets of questions generally asked in Boards. Solving question papers is the second most important tip after tip number 1.


● Comprehensively practice the graphs of Economics such as the graphs of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Savings and Investment.

● The least scoring section in English is the writing section (letters, notices, articles). This is the section where teachers cut off most of the marks due to grammatical mistakes. So, I advise you to solve one writing section each day when you start your final Boards preparations.

● Solve as many Case Studies as you can for Business Studies. The best book that most of the teachers recommend for Case Study is ABD Bull’s Eye Business Studies – Case Studies. And I would encourage you for that book. Now I’m not promoting any book but I’m just giving a recommendation that could help the students. If you have any other books in mind, definitely go for that.

● For Mathematics, I would say that class 12th Maths is as stubborn as Accountancy. Differentiation, Integration, Probability, Matrix, Relation and Functions makes the Maths hair-raising. I encourage you to Practice, Practice and Practice. If you are not able to understand a certain concept, take some guidance from your teacher. Several YouTube channels make quality contents on class 12th Maths. You may resort to that as well. But remember Practice is important and don’t be afraid of making mistake rather focus on solving the core which causes those mistakes.

In the end, all I can say is “If I can score 95, so can you,”. And you may score better than me. And I WANT you to score better than me. It would be better if I cite a Sanskrit quote that I read when I was in class 8:

Hard work is everything. You do it and there is no force in the entire universe stopping you from attaining success”
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