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I'm good for nothing! Or are you? Take this Challenge!

A beautiful day, everyone.

Energized? No?

Well, gather every bit of energy around yourself because I'm going to share something for which you will require energy.

Have you ever been a part of a group where everyone talked sense and it seemed as if every person has a strength of their own? But that's not all. When everyone talked sense, it seemed as if you don't know anything! You wondered if there was anything, anything at all for which you were known!

If you have ever felt this way and if you want to change how you feel about it, then here's a challenge for you. The One Week Challenge is back.

One Week Challenge

For those who don't know, I organized the first one week challenge in the month of April to build a new habit. That's when, as a part of the challenge, I read 7 books in 7 days. A lot of members also pursued an activity on a daily basis around which they wanted to build a hobby. I received some beautiful responses from the members at that time, even documented some of them as a part of my learning log for the challenge.

So, here is another one week challenge beginning 4th June and running till 10th June.

The One Week Challenge

This week, I challenge you to pick up one topic, any topic in the world. It can be something you already know about, something you wish to know about, something you've been trying to know about (but failing repetitively), just pick one topic.

Now, make your entire week revolve around it. Set a target to go in-depth of the topic. You will spend the next 24*7 hours reading, learning and teaching about that topic. You will not stop.

Use today to decide what that topic is going to be and then set a target.

You will read at least a 1000 pages on that topic. Yes, you read it right. A thousand pages on one topic in one week. And to encourage you to take this step, I will double my target.

My Topic

Since the last one month, I've been reading about digital marketing, more specifically - Search Engine Optimization. And to be honest, SEO, as a topic is like an ocean. So, the reading has been fairly irregular.

As a part of this challenge, I take my topic to be Search Engine Optimization. I will read:

2,000 pages on SEO in 1 week

Set a target for yourself like this and decide what is it that you're going to master in the next one week.

Back to the Group

Do you know what makes you feel that way about yourself i.e. not good enough, when you're in a group? The inability to recognize your own worth. You can see what other people are good at, but you fail to see the same qualities in yourself.

Or do you feel that you're not good at anything? Well, in either case, the challenge is going to help you get over that feeling. Pick a topic, it can be anything! Just read up so much about it in the next one week that you know enough to be called 'good enough'.

Why Declare It?

The last time I held the one week challenge, I realized something about Accountability Partners. If you have people around yourself who know you have taken a challenge, it is easier for you to accomplish it.

Because there are people to keep a track of whether or not you did it. And, if you fail to do it, it reflects a lack of trust. So, you all are my accountability partners for this challenge.

If you also need an accountability partner, there are two ways -

  1. Message me what your topic and target is going to be. I can be your accountability partner.

  2. Comment on the social media handles of Non-engineers what your topic is going to be and tag your friends, who will then be your accountability partners:

So, Ready?

Don't tell me you need more inspiration to begin. Okay, let me give you another one.

When I told my father that I am going to take this challenge, he told me he will join me too. His topic for the next one week is going to be Meditation. So, what's yours?

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