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19 FAQs on IIM-A Classrooms, #9 Will Make You Smile!

Today, the blog members asked questions about IIM Ahmedabad Classrooms on the Instagram handle of Non-engineers and to my surprise, I received 19 exciting questions. So, this blog post will answer those questions one-by-one revealing the different facets of the IIM-A Classrooms:

IIM Ahmedabad Classroom Image

FAQs on IIM-A Classrooms

#1 - How many students are there in each classroom?

#1 - There are a about 85-90 students in each class. This includes students from PGP, FABM and FPM program.

#2 - How many classrooms are there for the first year batch? Why are they numbered so?

#2 - There are 5 classrooms for the first year batch, called section A, B, C, D and E and numbered CR 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. They start from 7 because classrooms 1-6 are in the old campus, that's where second-years study.


#3 - Is the seating arrangement fixed or do the students sit anywhere?

#3 - The seating arrangement is fixed. Students are required to sit as per the seating plan.

#4 - Is the classroom plan/seating arrangement alphabetic?

#4 - I wish it was :P Students are seated randomly.

IIM Ahmedabad Classroom Plan

#5 - Who decides the seating arrangement?

#5 - None other than the PGP office.

#6 - Does the seating arrangement change in the first year?

#6 - Yes, it changes after every term, so in total you get to sit on three different seats in the first year.

#7 - Do the seats have name labels?

#7 - Yes they do, and we often take them home at the end of the term.

Shweta Arora IIMA

#8 - What is the dress code of the IIM-A Classrooms?

#8 - There is no dress code, you can wear whatever you want. In the initial days, students put in efforts in dressing up but when the first week's workload takes over and the sleepless nights become a part of the ritual, the trade-off between taking a shower and sleeping for 10 extra minutes becomes kind of automatic to make :P

#9 - How huge are the IIM Ahmedabad Classrooms?

#9 - Why not see for yourself:

#10 - What are the IIM-A class timings?

#10 - The first class commences at 8:45 AM sharp (not a second late). Three classes take place every day. Each class is 75 minutes long and there is a 20 minutes break in between the classes.

#11 - Do students sleep in the classrooms?

#11 - Well, sometimes :P But, it's always a fun experience to watch your classmates doze off in the middle of a lecture. Most professors understand the kind of rigour the students go through in the first year.

IIM Ahmedabad Classroom

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#12 - Are there any fun activities that take place in the IIM-A Classrooms?

#12 - Lots of! Won't spill the beans but the memories will last forever :)

#13 - Which spot is the most dreaded in the classroom?

#13 - In the image below, do you see the front-most row? It's called 'The Well'. That's the most dreaded spot because the professors tend to cold-call the students sitting there (they can easily see the casemats of students and figure out whether they've read the case or not) :P

IIM-A Classroom

#14 - How is the first day in an IIM Classroom? What are you taught on that day?

#14 - The first lecture is an introductory one, often taken by a senior professor. We're required to come prepared with a case, which is then discussed by the professor. We also get to introduce ourselves. More than anything, what you learn on the first day is not case specific, it is more about how to make the most of the classroom discussions and the case pedagogy that IIM-A follows.

#15 - Do the ACs make it very cold in the classrooms?

#15 - Haha, totally! We've encountered several instances where the class gets split into two groups - for and against the use of AC which is often followed by a request to the students to wear pullovers (in summers).

#16 - What is the most memorable DCP moment for you?

#16 - For those who might note be aware, DCP refers to Desperate Class Participation. We are given marks for participating in the classroom discussions. So, when someone speaks up a useless point just for the sake of getting the CP marks, it is termed as a DCP. I can recall several moments where the last class was full of DCP. Generally, on the last class of any course, the students who speak a lot on a daily basis are made to keep quiet so that others can grab some CP points, that's when we get to hear the funniest points :P

#17 - Are the professors strict or friendly?

#17 - Entirely depends on the professors, but we've got some really cool ones, so it is fun! :)

IIMA Class Photo

#18 - Is everyone open about sharing their points in the class?

#18 - There might be a little hesitation initially, but after a while everyone gets used to the decorum of the class and those who wish to contribute often do it without any hindrance.

#19 - Are the freshers able to contribute in the class discussions?

#19 - Totally, everyone is welcomed to make a point in the class, you don't need work-ex to have a point of view. Being a fresher, I can assure you that I never faced any issues in this regard.

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So, these were a couple of FAQs on the IIM Ahmedabad Classrooms. Hope you enjoyed reading them. If you did, let me know in the comments which point intrigued you the most :)

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