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IIM Ahmedabad Students Start a Marketing Podcast on 'Why Do Kids Buy'

I'm super thrilled to share that some of my juniors from IIM Ahmedabad have started a marketing podcast on YouTube and Spotify for anyone who is keen to know more about marketing and consumer psychology.

They have taken up this endeavour as a part of their second year course and hence, it will introduce you to how marketing FGDs, exploratory studies are conducted at the IIMs and later in the corporate world.

Sharing more about their podcast for those who are interested, it's free of cost for everyone:

IIM Ahmedabad Podcast

(scroll down for the podcast link)

Introduction to the Podcast

We’ve all been consuming advertisements and brand promotions since time immemorial. I am sure many of you even remember iconic ads and jingles from your childhood or from recent times.

But, have you ever wondered what goes into the making of brands like KinderJoy and Cheetos? How do these products win over kids' hearts? What makes them so enticing and attractive to kids?

The Idea Behind It

We are a group of students in our 2nd year (PGP2, as it is popularly known) at IIM Ahmedabad. We had recently undertaken a study on 'Advertising to Kids', and were stunned by the some of the findings. Our study tried to unearth the mystery behind kids’ advertisements. covered the impact of ads on children, what they like about ads, their understanding of ads and most importantly, the ethical concerns of the same.

As we gleaned through various research papers, we realized that unlike adults, who usually use the rational parts of their brain to process information disseminated to them, children process advertisements peripherally – that is, around elements such as music, cartoon characters, animation etc. A testimony of this is the fact that firms build their advertisements for children around popular characters like Avengers, Chota Bheem with catchy tunes. Research also says that children as young as 2-year-olds unknowingly make product choices!

The Podcast Genesis

Even from personal experience, you might remember several catchy tunes from advertisements from your childhood, ever wondered why? – Well, this is part of the reason why.

All our insights on the psychological and ethical aspects of advertising to children were derived from a myriad of discussions with experts including psychologists, marketers, professors and our very own mothers (experts at everything, aren’t they?). To disseminate all this information from our research, we have created an engaging podcast that is available for free on Youtube and Spotify.

Usage of the Podcast

This podcast will be especially of interest and use to those interested in understanding the psychology of kids – a demographic that is turning out to be one of the most important customers and consumers in today’s times. In fact, studies say that 75% of a family’s total disposable income is spent on children, and in more than 50% product categories, tweens had managed to convince their parents to try something new. Additionally, brand loyalty is of extreme importance, because children grow up to be future buyers too.

For everyone out there interested in why companies make certain products, what goes into product design, how brands communicate with children, and many more aspects of product management, marketing and brand communications – do listen to this podcast and share your feedback!


Hope this helps those interested in marketing. Do make full use of the knowledge they share and reach out for any feedback or doubts that you may have. Good luck to you all!

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