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IIM Ahmedabad Opens Applications for 6th Edition of Winter School by RTERC

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Application Form -
IIM Ahmedabad Winter School

When we look at our society, or even our nation, there are many aspects which don't seem to be fair or right. Multiple divides exist even now, on the basis of religion, caste, race, income, sex and so on, causing inequality and exploitation to become rampant. Underprivileged, marginalized households, that struggle for even the basic necessities for sustenance are a common sight, even in the most developed urban agglomerates of India. While education has emerged as a powerful tool to bridge these inherent gaps, one wonders if education itself is without bias. Is accessible and compulsory education afterall, utopian?

The Right To Education Resource Centre, IIM Ahmedabad announces its annual Winter School program, with an aim to orient its participants towards these specific issues, and understand public policy and the role of education in creating social change.

Winter School IIM Ahmedabad


The idea of the Winter School is to create a platform for individuals to understand and challenge the dominant ideas about education, social segregation, and the power structures that exist in our society. The co-created space seeks to spur discussion on themes like the importance of community knowledge, social work vs social change, engendering of education, social policy & practice, participatory research, and politico-cultural dynamics around education.

The theme of this year’s Winter School is ‘Inequality in Education’, through which the program seeks to empower young leaders to understand and analyse how inequality in education and livelihood is caused, especially accelerated by the pandemic.


The Event is being conducted in a fully virtual manner (Owing to the COVID pandemic, safety, and restriction on travel) from January 2nd to 10th, 2021. The event would be conducted in a part-time manner to prevent clashes with college and work timings. While the event was organized in a 4-day (~32 hours) manner, it has been extended to 9 days to prevent fatigue from long screen times.

The application deadline is 10th December.


Ravish Kumar IIM Ahmedabad
Journalist Ravish Kumar interacting with WS Participants

Orientation: Participants of this year’s Winter School would go through a 9-day orientation programme in a completely virtual manner. The purpose of the orientation programme is to give the participants a basic set of tools for understanding policy and the social equations surrounding them. The previous editions of Winter School have witnessed lectures from dignitaries across the country like Shri, Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi; Journalist Ravish Kumar; Atishi Marlena, Educator and MLA from Delhi; Anil Swarup IAS, former Secretary to the Government of India, and author; Justice R.A. Mehta and so on, in addition to distinguished Professors of IIM Ahmedabad.

Research: Post the orientation programme; participants will pick a policy of their choice and do a practicum about an organization of their choice, related to the policy. The practicum would ideally take twenty days. Participants are expected to send a report to the RTERC, detailing the work they have done to earn a certificate from IIMA. This year, taking advantage of the virtual medium, participants shall continue to engage with each other during the research and preparation, and present their work upon conclusion. Previous participants’ works included the Capacity building of School Management Committees (SMCs) in Delhi State Government Schools, Night schools in Mumbai, operations and issues faced by non-profit organizations, shelter homes, etc.


The program is open to all adult students and young working professionals alike. Anyone with an interest in social development and policy can apply.


Applicants are to fill out this application form which consists of two tasks to be completed:

They shall be selected based on the quality of submission and the dedication showcase while completing the tasks. Selected participants will be invited to attend the program.

The contribution toward participation if selected: INR 1500 per individual. The complete amount, after some minor operational expenses, will be donated in the participants' name to aid families affected by the COVID-19 crisis and are suffering due to unemployment, lack of finances for food and medicine, via partner NGOs, Prayaas and Sahyog. If anyone finds themselves unable to the pay the amount due to financial difficulties, please reach out at:, and we shall make allowances for the same.

For any clarification, Email or message +91 8301979610.


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