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IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience 2020 | Avinash Askar

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Avinash recently appeared for the IIM-K Interview in 2020 and has agreed to share his interview experience for the benefit of all non-engineers on the platform.


IIM-K Interview

Date: Feb 28, 2020

Venue: Hotel Radisson Blu (Dwarka)

Academic Profile

  • 10th - 95%

  • 12th - 81%

  • B.A. (Eco.) - 71%

Work Experience

0 months

CAT Percentile

96.95 Percentile

WAT Topic: Caste based reservation is impediment to caste based discrimination.

Wrote well covering the caste based discrimination origin, reason and finally to what extent it's justified however it got a little away from the exact topic according to me.

Personal Interview:

6th in panel. The panel consisted of two males -one seemed South Indian by accent and the other was putting on mufflers resembled Mr. Kejriwal. Let’s call them P1 and P2. The review was so random. The girl before me had her full interview based on CAA-NRC.

P1 comes out and calls me in. I see P2 going through my profile details form.

P1 (sees up & in an excited tone) - Oo Avinash..come come..have a seat.

Me - thank you sir.

P2 - Ok so you are doing Economics.

Me - Yes sir

P2 - Is it full time? (probably got confused due to the name of my undergrad college)

Me - yes sir

P2 - So what's your favourite subject?

Me - Financial Economics and Micro Economics.

P2 - Ok, do you know Monopolist curve?

Me - Yes sir.

P2 - Draw the graph.

Me - Drew the graph.

P2 - Ok where is the equilibrium position?

Me - Told

P2 - What's equilibrium position?

Me - Told

P2 - Ok what's Dead-weight Loss?

Me - Told

P2 - Draw the graph.

Me - Started making the normal graph to show consumer and producer surplus and Dead-weight Loss.

P2 (interrupts) - no show me in this graph.

Me - Tries explaining in that by bringing the perfect competition case…some cross questions…tried explaining to him…but seemed a little pissed…at last asked give me the region of Dead-weight loss..I marked it.

In the meanwhile…P1 was on his phone.

P2 - Ok Avinash, what's monopolistic Competition?

(damn…I had read it but I wasn't able to recall..I should have known it.)

Me - Sir I am not sure but I guess it's maybe monopoly..(and something crap I said..I don't remember.)

Now P2 looks towards P1.

P1 - Ok Avinash tell me about your weakness.

Me - Sir average communication skill.

P1 - But you speak fine..what is in it?

Me - Sir I get this vernacular accent and also lack of words at times.

P2 - Do you think English communication is the parameter of communication skill?

Me - No sir, Originally it's not but seeing the globalization and English being the only common language for communication we can't even deny this. So if we see at current we do judge communication skill based on English communication.

P2 - Why do you think you have this problem?

Me - Sir it's partly due to the place I belong to…in Bihar..(got interrupted by P2)

P2 - No, I know some of the best English speakers are from Bihar.

Me - tried to explain the lack of interaction from people from other places that restricted our communication to be true..the frog in the well scenario…also how once I got to Delhi to realise the truth. (However didn't mention that I am working upon it by blah blah…grave mistake)

P1 - Ok so what do you want to do in life?

Me - Sir I want to go into management consulting.

P1 - Why?

Me - Explained…How it would give me exposure to work with different sectors not restricting to a particular sector…also the opportunity to work with top notch officials at such young stage of career would be so full of learning.

P1 - Tell me some management consulting firms?

Me - Told top 3…Bain, BCG and McKinsey.

P2 - Ok Avinash do you know about Kozhikode?

Me - Yes, Sir .

P2 - Ok where is it?

Me - Kerala.

P2 - Who is the CM of Kerala?

Me - Sir Mr. Pinnarai Vijayan.

P2 - of Tamil Nadu?

Shitt…I hadn't read it..though I recalled something from after the death of Jayalalitha. Thought of giving a chance.

Me - Sir I don't know how to pronounce…but it's something O. Panneerselvam (somehow I pronounced)

Damn he came out to be deputy CM.

P2 - Ok Avinash, do you have any questions, you are allowed one?

Me - No sir, thank you.

P2 - Ok thank you Avinash, you can go.

I thanked them and came out.

It was quite short about 10–15 minutes interview…not so satisfied…could have answered some questions better & also they didn't ask for my folder.



If you also wish to read his New IIMs Interview, you can read it here. Wishing the best to Avinash and paying my gratitude on behalf of all the non-engineers for being kind and helpful.

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