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Institute Questions - IIM Interviews

Updated: May 5, 2020

Questions around the institutes where the candidates had studied:


Q: So, you've studied at IIT Bombay, which lake is your favourite and why?

Q: You're from Shaheed Sukhdev College, who was Shaheed Sukhdev? When did he die?

Q: What is the full form of RK in RK Puram? Why?

Q: "Your institute doesn't have a good reputation", how would you defend this statement?

Q: So, who was Vinoba Bhave, since you are from Vinoba Bhave University? Can you name any famous movement of his?

Q: Why Anthony’s and why not Edmunds?

Q: So, you studied at DPS RK Puram? Why that school? Why not some other, say DPS Mathura Road?

Q: You’re from LSR. Is Lady Shri Ram same as Shri Ram College of Commerce?

Q: Don’t you think LSR was restrictive since we talk so much about diversity?


This list will be updated daily, keep checking the Repository of IIM Interviews.

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