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IIM Interview Form: IIM-A, B, C, L, K, S and CAP

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Upon shortlisting the candidates, IIMs send an application form (also called the interview form) to the shortlisted candidates. Each IIM lays down specific criteria because of which not all your achievements may make it to the list.

Based on the application forms that I filled during my interviews (2018), I’ve created a list of headers that are asked for by different IIMs in their application forms:

IIM Ahmedabad

  • Personal Details

  • Pre-Bachelor’s Qualification (mark sheet & grade conversion certificate)

  • Bachelor’s Degree (mark sheet and provisional certificate if still in college)

  • Work Experience (internships not included)

  • Co-Curricular Achievements (best 3 beyond 10th standard)

Rank in class (school/college), IIT-JEE rank, rank in CA, etc. not allowed

  • Extra-Curricular Achievements (best 3 at state/national/international levels)

Achievements within institute even at national level not allowed

IIM Bangalore

Statement of Purpose (SOP) - check this post for SOP writing tips

IIM Calcutta

  • Personal Information

  • Family Information (parents’ education, designation & income)

  • Pre-Bachelor’s Degree Qualification (transcript)

  • Bachelor’s Degree Qualification (transcript)

  • Other Professional Examination

  • Work Experience (internships, training projects not included)

  • Extra-Curricular Achievements (top 5)

  • Hobbies (only 2 with a brief description)

  • Career Goals (100 words)Academic Distinctions/Prizes/Awards (top 5)

IIM Lucknow

  • Personal Data

  • Pre-Bachelor’s Qualifications (overall marks & percentage)

  • Bachelor’s Qualification (semester-wise marks & percentage)

  • Professional Qualification (if any)

  • Work Experience (internship, articleship, apprenticeship not included)

  • Extra-Curricular Achievements (inter-college, district, state & national level)

IIM Kozhikode

  • Personal Data

  • Schooling Record (percentage)

  • Bachelor’s Degree (year-wise score, a certificate from the Head of Institute)

  • Professional Qualifications (if any)

  • Work Experience (internships not included)

  1. Describe job responsibilities and skills acquired

  2. Describe a situation when you demonstrated leadership (250 words)

  3. Describe a situation when you demonstrated team-work (250 words)

  • Career Plans

  1. Why do you wish to go for a management career?

  2. What alternative careers are you considering and why?

  3. Describe your strengths and weaknesses.

  4. What is your most significant accomplishment?

  • Extra-Curricular Achievements (school, college, state, national, international)

  1. Sports

  2. Organizational

  3. Cultural/Social

  • Hobbies

  • References (any 2)

IIM Shillong

  • Personal Details

  • Academic Details (break, if any; marks & percentage)

  • Professional Qualifications (if any)

  • Work Experience

  • Medical Fitness Instructions

  • Extra-Curricular Achievements (top 3)

  • Extra-Curricular Interests (50 words)

  • Scholastic Achievements (50 words)

  • Strengths & Weaknesses (100 words)

  • Positions of Responsibilities (50 words)


  • Personal Details

  • Pre-Bachelor’s Qualification (marks and percentage)

  • Bachelor’s Qualification (year-wise marks and percentage)

  • Work Experience (internships not included)

  • Extra-Curricular Achievements (inter-college & higher only)

  1. Olympiads

  2. Scholarships

  3. NTSE

  4. Others

  • Co-Curricular Achievements (inter-college & higher only)


Now that you know what is asked in the application forms, you can polish your profile accordingly. For example, most IIMs consider extra-curricular achievements above the state level only. So, you should push to align your profile with the same.

If you're planning to get into an IIM, must check how to boost your CV to make it IIM-ready?

Hope this helps.

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