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Law Students' CAT Score to get into IIM Ahmedabad

Updated: May 4, 2020

This question was asked by one of the members of Non-Engineers Facebook Page, "How much should a law student score in the CAT exam to get into IIM Ahmedabad?" This post will answer that question and share an interview experience of a law student for your reference.

Law Students IIMs Score CAT

CAT Percentile

From a conversation with two batch mates at IIM Ahmedabad, who are both graduates of law, I was able to find out the following:

  1. For IIM-A, a composite score of 28/30 (composite score includes 10 marks for 10th, 10 marks for 12th and 10 marks for graduation) is good enough for a law student.

  2. With a composite score of 28/30, the target percentile should be 95+ percentile.

  3. IIM-A and IIM-K give weightage to academic diversity and hence the chances of law students to get into these institutes are the maximum.

Given that these pointers are with the assumption of a composite score of 28/30, the lower the composite score, the higher will be the requirement of the CAT score.

Interview Experience

Here is an interview experience of a law student who made it to IIM Ahmedabad, Batch of 2019 for your reference. It will help you understand what types of questions are asked in an IIM interview:

Rajat Dutta's IIM-A Interview

Internships & Jobs

Some people wonder if it is difficult to switch careers from a law background. To resolve that query, let me share that the law students at IIM-A have mostly gotten consulting and marketing firms. Their academic background is highly valued and often helps them come up with a fresh perspective both during class discussions as well as hiring.

Other Interviews

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