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Fundraiser Consulting Workshop with Aaditya Agarwal, IIM Ahmedabad' 2020: Covid-19 Relief

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Are you interested in Management Consulting or planning to join the top Management Consulting Firms like McKinsey, BCG and Bain? If yes, you should not miss out on this opportunity to learn the consulting case prep tricks from Aaditya Agarwal, the Institute Rank 1 of IIM Ahmedabad (batch of 2020), set to join McKinsey & Co. Aaditya has come forward to share the details of the consulting workshop that he is going to conduct for the benefit of those who wish to learn about consulting cases and at the same time contribute for a noble cause.

Aaditya Agarwal's Consulting Workshop

Overview & Mission

IIM Ahmedabad's pedagogy is designed not just to teach management skills to their students but leave them with a hunger to ask one question always - "How can I improve the current status quo given my skill sets?"

In these unprecedented times, everyone is trying to do their bit. Our alma mater, IIM Ahmedabad, ran a household survey in Ahmedabad documenting the live experience of those less fortunate than many of us and their serious need for help in arranging resources to procure food. By tying up with local authorities, the study has been trying to go a step beyond and deliver relief as well leaving the volunteers in constant need for more financial support to help more families consistently.

It is with the aim to help them and do his bit to improve the status quo, that my IIM-A batch mate, Aaditya Agarwal, is planning a fundraiser teaching session wherein he plans to share useful strategies to crack case studies for consulting interviews and other roles. The session serves to provide suitable guidance to those who are seeking such skills with all proceeds going for a noble cause. 

About Aaditya Agarwal

Aaditya recently graduated from IIM Ahmedabad as the Gold Medalist for being ranked first in his batch (IR-1), and is set to join McKinsey in August 2020. He has the interesting experience of having successfully converted interviews with the top three consulting firms - Bain & Co., McKinsey & Co, and BCG, in IIM Ahmedabad. On-campus, he was the Coordinator of the Consult Club. Earlier, he was a part of the Young India Fellowship (YIF) batch in 2015, graduated as Institute Rank 2 (and Department Rank 1) from IIT Delhi before that in 2014.

Previous Consulting Workshops

Since 2015, Aaditya has conducted many case study solving workshops for consulting interviews at various institutes - Ashoka University, Vedica Scholars Program, IIM Ahmedabad, and MICA. In this journey, he has had the privilege of helping hundreds of students, including many placed at top consulting firms like Bain, BCG, McKinsey, etc.

Aaditya Agarwal's Consulting Workshop at IIM-A
Aaditya Agarwal's Consulting Workshop at IIM-A

About Consulting Workshop

The details can be found below:

  • Dates: 30th and 31st May, 2020

  • Time: 11 AM to 1 PM each day

  • Fees: INR 999 (charitable)

  • No. of Participants: Constrained by number of registrations and logistics 

Donation Mechanism: Given the unprecedented times, this consulting workshop will be charitable. Hence all proceeds shall be directly transferred by the participants to the account of "Prayaas", one of the IIM Ahmedabad's initiatives helping with Covid-19 relief, overseen by Prof. Ankur Sarin.

Payment methods to be communicated later upon registration.

Consulting Workshop Format

Aaditya plans to cover 6-8 interesting consulting cases (including Guesstimates, Unconventional cases, Pricing, Market Entry, & Profit and Loss) and through those, attempt to introduce concepts to break down a problem exhaustively and reach the solution quickly. The session will be helpful for not just those interested in management consulting jobs but also those seeking jobs in other industries given the increased focus on case studies in interviews across the board.

Benefits of the Workshop

The focus of the workshop will be to explain the rationale of each step in the process of solving a consulting case and why it is helpful from Aaditya's perspective. This exercise can accelerate an individual's learning journey, especially if he/she is preparing for the top management consulting firms.

  • Registration Link: Case Workshop

  • Registrations Till: 25th May, 23:59 (IST)

Please note: All views expressed in the session will be in Aaditya's individual capacity and do not reflect views of any organization or endorsement for any organization.


Having personally learnt a lot from Aaditya, I can vouch for his knowledge and expertise in the consulting domain. Through this post, I'd like to encourage the blog members, who are interested in management consulting and allied roles, to definitely attend this workshop and at the same time help our alma mater, IIM Ahmedabad, procure resources for the Covid-19 hit families in Ahmedabad.

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