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Announcing Non-Engineers Newsletter Volume I - A Roadmap to CAT 2020, Life at IIMs and More..

A blog that started 9 months ago with the intention to share credible, detailed information about CAT preparation and IIMs is now about to reach 5,00,000 page views.

In order to celebrate this special occasion, I wanted to do something different and hence, this is what I've come up with - the first ever Newsletter of Non-Engineers!

Non-Engineers Newsletter Volume I

How to Download It?

Two very simple steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Download.

This is the first time I've created a Newsletter, so please bear with my poor design skills. It contains a variety of articles - a Roadmap to CAT 2020, a list of Top Posts ranked by views, likes and more.

In short, this 20 page PDF file showcases the glimpses of our journey together. I just wanted to create this to recap the 9 months we've spent together building this platform.

I know that many of you are CAT 2020 takers and sometimes searching for articles can become a time-consuming process. Also, since I get time to reply over the weekends only, I wanted to share a ready-reference with you that you can use to address your queries related to CAT or IIMs.

Hope this helps you ace the CAT exam with flying colours :)

Happy half a million page views to all of you in advance! This is such a big thing for all of us, had never thought this would happen. Truly grateful to you all. Keep inspiring! :)

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