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Online Resources for Reading Comprehension (RC) Practice

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Hey CAT aspirants, this post will share some excellent resources for RC prep that I've listed down after thorough research. You can sit at home and practice as many RCs as you want for your CAT exam:


Whenever I've written about VARC preparation tips, I've maintained that you must practice the RCs online. This is because the user interface differs significantly in the online medium as opposed to the offline medium.

Online Resources

So, let's begin with the list of resources along with the reason why I've selected them:

  • Bodhee Prep: This coaching facility offers more than 150 RCs online for practice. Their only requirement is a quick sign up using Google or Facebook. The reason I like their resource is that they classify RCs into long and short passages so that you are equipped to tackle both in the final exam. Moreover, they have about 20 RCs for which they provide a video solution to look at. It's really important to understand the logic behind marking a particular option and that's why I really recommend watching those videos. Link: Free CAT RCs for Practice

  • Wordpandit: This website offers about 40 odd passages for practice. Now, there are two reasons this resource is helpful - one, it provides a differentiation on the basis of level of the passage - level 1, level 2 and level 3. The second reason is that it offers a user interface similar to the CAT exam - the passage on the left with the options on the right. It also offers explanations for the answers. Link: Easy to Difficult RCs

  • RC 99: Every CAT or GMAT student comes across this resource sooner or later. This book (PDF) contains 99 RC passages divided into low, medium and high difficulty levels. The reason I've handpicked this resource is because of the quality of its explanations. It not only tells you why an option is correct but it also explains why the rest of the options are incorrect, which is a very important skill to develop. Link: The RC 99 PDF

  • TestPot: This resource will take your preparation level one step further by providing the exact interface as per the CAT exam with a legend of answered, unanswered and marked questions. It is also timed, so you will get to practice them as mini-sectional tests. It also shows your rank among all the test takers. It requires a small sign up before you attempt your first test. Link: Short RC Tests

  • TCY Online: This website will fulfill your needs in terms of attempting full length RCs. Each test will comprise of 15-30 questions and will be timed. So, you can use this test bank as your ultimate resource for simulating RCs whenever you wish to take a sectional test for VA section. You may also filter these tests basis their difficulty, creator's name, etc. Link: Full Length RC Tests


Once you've visited these websites, I'd also recommend you to read just one more post if you already haven't:

"The Secret Behind IIM Students' Reading Comprehension Abilities" - You won't regret reading it!

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