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Parajumbles Tricks for CAT & Consolidated Resources

Summary of Tricks

1. Opening & Closing Sentences - look for statements that can open/close the paragraph,

2. Universal Facts - generally make up an opening statement.

3. Proper Nouns - generally make up an opening statement.

4. Abbreviations - full forms appear before abbreviations.

5. Names - full name appears before last name/first name alone.

6. Generic to Specific - generic appears first, then branches out.

7. Connectors - words like and, if, though, till help in connecting sentences.

8. Adjectives - comparison with something may help in linking sentences.

9. Theme - theme gets introduced first, gets talked about most in the middle.

10. Hypothesis - appears before examples.

11. Chronology - look out for years to establish order.

12. A/An/The - A/An appear before The.

Suggested Resources

Video by Non-Engineers

Tricks by StudyBuzz

Examples by an IIM Grad - Unacademy

Blog Post by Handa Ka Funda

CAT 2017 Parajumbles

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