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Quantitative Aptitude Tricks: My CAT Formula Book

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

If you're looking for a compilation of all Quant formulas for CAT along with some quantitative aptitude tricks and shortcuts, then you are in the right place. In this post, I have shared a PDF version of my CAT formula book that I had created using Arun Sharma books, TIME coaching material for CAT and through the analysis of several mocks that I took during my preparation. After sharing the list of Quant formulas for different chapters, I have also shared how to create this CAT formula book and use it.

Non-Engineers Formula Book for Quants

CAT Formula Book: Tricks & Shortcuts

I've divided this CAT formula masterbook into different chapters of Quants so that you can download and use the formulas of the chapters as and when needed:

Golden Book: Apart from these Quant formulas and tricks, you can also download my Golden Book, which constitutes a list of tables, common roots, cubes, squares for speeding up your mental math for Quants: Golden Book for CAT.

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Compiled Version: You can also download the compiled version of Golden Book + CAT Formula Book from this link: Golden Book + CAT Formula Book. And, if you need to access the entire folder, then use this link: Access the Formula Book folder of Non-engineers.

Creation of CAT Formula Book

Sources: There are a variety of sources from which you can accumulate these formulas and tricks. For me, the list was inclusive of Arun Sharma's Quantitative Aptitude book, TIME Institute's study material, AIMCATs, CL mock tests, sectional tests and other online resources that I used for CAT preparation.

Timing: A lot of aspirants often ask - "Should we note down the CAT formulas while studying the basics of the chapters or after solving all the questions from that chapter?" The answer to this question is that you should note down the formulas side-by-side from the very beginning of reading the core concepts of the chapters till the point you are taking mocks and carrying out mock analysis. You may come across formulas from these chapters at any time, so make sure you leave some pages after each chapter in your formula book.

Constituents: You can take notes of all the important CAT formulas, tricks, shortcuts and questions that you may come across during your preparation. While the formula book gets created alongside your preparation, the Golden Book can be created at the very beginning of your CAT preparation journey. Clearly highlight the type of constituents using different highlighters or coloured pens. I used two highlighters to denote tricks and important concepts.

Highlighters for Different Constituents
Highlighters for Different Constituents

Using the CAT Formula Book

I've shared the benefits of creating this list of CAT formulas in a previous post on 'How to revise for CAT?' Using your formula book every weekend for revision, you can ensure that the concepts remain on your tips. This will help you improve your scores in the CAT mocks and sectional tests.

Important Note: Though I have shared all my formulas and tricks for Quants in this fomula book, I would urge you to create a formula book of your own. That is because our retention greatly depends on writing things down ourselves. So, that will help you more. Use this book to supplement your own formula book and see if you can add anything additional to it from my compilation.

Hence, I'd advise you to look at the formulas of each chapter from this book only when you've solved the basics yourself first. Once you feel you are ready with a chapter from your end, that is when you can look at the concepts given in this formula book and try making sense out of them.

Hope this compilation turns out to be of use to you: more so as a guiding light than as a spoon-fed resource for revision. P.S. Apologies in advance for the illegibility, if that causes any troubles :)


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