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Repository of Interview Questions

Updated: May 4, 2020

A one-stop-shop for all the interview questions asked in interviews:


This repository is being created for the benefit of all the aspirants who are preparing for any interviews (IIM, other B-schools, internships, jobs, etc.) The questions have been picked from excerpts of candidates who have appeared for the IIM interviews.

How to best utilize this repository?

The repository has been divided into different types of questions. It is suggested to prepare all of them simultaneously by reading 6-7 questions from each type daily and thinking what would have been your response. The links of the different types are shared below:

  1. Hometown Questions

  2. General Awareness Questions

  3. Hobby Questions

  4. Trick Questions

  5. HR Questions

  6. Institute Questions

  7. Witty Responses

  8. WAT Related Questions

How often will the repository be updated?

Scanning through the experiences may take time and hence my intention is to keep the repository live even if it has only 6-7 questions in each type. I'll try to add 6-7 to each category every day so that you have enough material to go through daily. You may decide to keep checking it on a daily/weekly basis for updates.


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