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Sales & Marketing Internship at Mondelez International

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Mondelez (formerly known as Cadbury) hires MBAs for 4 kinds of internship roles: sales, marketing, supply chain, finance. At IIM-A, it came for the Sales & Marketing role. Even though it is called S&M, some students got a sales-only project, some got a marketing-only project and some got projects that involved both.

Mine was a marketing-only project, though I spent a considerable amount of time on the field learning more about the different distribution channels. Due to the NDA, I cannot disclose the details of my project. But, what I can share are my learnings.

I found a great fit between my expectations and Mondelez’s values. The company has a collaborative culture where different departments seek help from each other. During my course of the internship, I interacted with around 9 different teams.

The company is also open to creativity and innovation. Novel ideas are not only heard and appreciated but also implemented swiftly. Many interns saw their recommendations being implemented even before they submitted their final report.

It was also great in terms of industry learning. Before I began working on my project, the company inducted all of us to different functions, brands, and their history. I, along with another intern, who was working on the same brand as mine, went for several consumer immersions (which is, by the way, an expense for the company).

All this might have benefited the company, but it was, in turn, a great learning experience for us. When I came back from my internship, I could see the change in the level of class participation. I was able to use the insights gathered during the internship into the cases that were being taught. The company even provided support after the internship got over. I got updates on my project whenever progress was made.

In terms of support while at work, I used to have regular meetings with my mentor and guide. That provided a strong sense of direction. I was told in the very beginning that it is the best time to ask as many questions as I wanted and to make the most of this learning opportunity.

Honestly, I learned a lot on the way. Oh yes, and ate a lot of Oreos while at work (one of the ‘perks’ of working at Mondelez)! I received a Pre-Placement Offer from the company and will be joining it soon as the Management Trainee and then as the Area Sales Manager (ASM).


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