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How to get an Internship at the Undergraduate Level?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In this post, I'll be sharing the steps to get an internship at the undergraduate level:

Vskills Internship Certificate Shweta Arora

Before you begin the application process, the first step is to identify which area/function would you like to intern in. This decision should be taken keeping your longer objective in mind. After that, you can follow these steps:

  1. Looking for openings: There are various websites on which internship openings are listed, two of them are Internshala and Lets Intern.

  2. Applying the filters: If you want a work-from-home internship that should be paid and in a particular function, you'll have to apply these filters to shortlist the companies.

  3. Creating a database: List the shortlisted companies that you'd like to apply to. It should include the company names and their e-mail IDs, that you can find from their websites.

  4. Sending an e-mail: Send an e-mail (draft below) and attach your resume to show your interest in joining the firm. Clearly mention the role and your desire to work with them.

Draft E-mail:

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

This is in regards to (insert company's name)'s latest opening of (insert role) internship at (insert internship portal's name) [share the link of the opening in brackets]. Through the medium of this e-mail, I'd like to express my interest in joining your esteemed organization for (insert duration) months from (starting date) to (ending date) as a (insert position).

I chose to share my candidature over e-mail to emphasize upon the fact that I'm keen on learning (insert skills relevant to the internship) skills over the course of this internship. I have relevant experience of (insert duration) months at (insert company or club's name), where I handled projects of similar nature. Through the internship, I seek to hone my skills further.

(Insert company's name) is known for its (insert the competitive advantage of the company) in the market and as a/an (startup/established firm), it can provide me immense opportunities to learn and add value to my profile.

I'm attaching my resume (along with the cover letter in case of a research internship) for your kind perusal. I shall await for your response.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


(Insert your name)

(Insert your college and year)

(Insert your contact and LinkedIn link)

Why you should apply via e-mail and not via any internship portal:

There are thousands of candidates who apply via these portals. Most companies that offer internships are in a hurry to hire the suitable candidates. If such candidates drop by an e-mail and are right in front of the HR, why wouldn't he/she accept their candidature as soon as possible?

I got 3/3 internships that I did during my first and second year through this process. It saves both your time as well as the HR's time and increases your chances of selection multi-fold.

Relevance of Internships

More than anything, internships help in gauging one's interest in a particular domain. Let's say you like marketing, you'd want to intern in a marketing organization to understand the work better before opting for a full-time job, which is often difficult to switch from.

If you're an MBA aspirant, then an internship can add a lot of value to your CV. But, if you don't have an internship right now, please don't worry, I would suggest you to read this post.


(This was a requested post, if you also have a query like this, drop me a message)

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