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Suitable Profile for PM Tech | IIM Placements

Updated: May 4, 2020

My knowledge about Product Management (PM tech) roles is limited to a sample of 5–6 batch mates, who appeared for interviews. These students included engineers and a few non-engineers.

Based on their profiles, it is safe to say that an academic background in IT is not necessary to get a shortlist from PM tech companies. Having said that, a commonality in their candidatures is that there is some link or the other to technology. Some of them had undertaken projects in their undergrad on tech whereas others had worked with tech applications during their work-ex.

In one of the PM tech events on campus, a senior leader from a tech firm mentioned that there are two skills that are sought in a PM tech role -

  1. The Affinity for Technology

  2. The Team Management & Leadership skills.

Apart from these, the other requirements of buckets in the CV/Resume remain the same. As far as Academic Scores are concerned, PM tech companies don't lay as much emphasis on them as the companies in other cohorts do.

Candidates with some level of work-experience are generally preferred, however that experience should be relevant to technology. The freshers who got a PM tech shortlist on campus also had an element of tech in their CV/Resume (as shared above - internships/projects).


In case you wish to know more about PM Tech, send me your questions and I'll ask a batch mate or an industry expert to help out.

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