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Take this One Week Challenge - Build a New Habit

Updated: May 14, 2020

One of the things I love about writing this blog is the connection I share with the members who message me. It almost feels like I'm a part of their journeys. After one of the earlier posts on hobby formation, I received an overwhelming response from the members, who wanted to incorporate new hobbies and habits.

But, building a new habit isn't easy. So, let's take a challenge together!


The challenge is pretty simple - Pick a new Habit - something you've been trying to accomplish since a long time. The objective is to perform the task every day for the next seven days.

The 3 Rs of Habits

I'm sure you're familiar with the 3 Rs of building new habits:

  • Reminder: When you get a call, the ringtone acts like a trigger for you to grab your phone. That ringtone is a reminder. It is a cue that tells you what to do. Now, for the purpose of this challenge, you are going to select a reminder for yourself. It is always best to pick a reminder which already exists in your routine. For example, brushing your teeth can be a reminder. Paste a sticky note on your mirror, so that it acts as a reminder. Whatever your new habit may be, tie it with a reminder that triggers you daily.

I will be posting a message on all the social media handles of Non-engineers (Facebook, Instagram and Quora) at 8 AM from tomorrow onward as a reminder for you.

  • Routine: When you receive a call, what do you do? You answer it. That's the activity you perform. Routine stands for performing the activity as a part of your habit building. For the purpose of this challenge, whatever activity you have decided to pursue - Capture It! This means that if you've decided to eat healthy food for the next one week, you're going to capture the photographs of your meals.

From tomorrow onward, I will be posting the images of the activity I perform on a daily basis as a part of this challenge (shared ahead).

  • Reward: When you answer the call, some sort of curiosity about the caller's message gets pacified. A little bit of appreciation or satisfaction can go a long way in helping you strengthen that habit. That is why, for the purpose of this challenge, I would urge you to share with me what your challenge is going to be and send those pictures that you capture to me on a daily basis. You can also share these with your friends on social media by just uploading them. Don't forget to tag the blog because:

Everyday, I will upload pictures of members' activities on the Non-engineers social media handles so that everyone can get inspired from each other.

My Challenge

Since a long time, I've been trying to get back to reading more. It has been months that I read any new book. So, my challenge for the next one week is to read 7 books in 7 days. If you're an avid reader and you have some quality suggestions, please do mention in the comments.

This time I'll try to not restrict the reading list to only marketing books. It is the time to build a new habit to read a variety of books for maximum learning. So, this is my challenge, what's yours?

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