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The Elephant Rope Story

Updated: May 4, 2020

Once a man visited an elephant camp, where he found that the elephants were tied with a fragile rope. There were no chains, no cage and he was confused to see that the elephants could easily break the rope by using their strength, but they didn't.

Perplexed, he went to the camp's caretaker and asked why the elephants didn't try to break free? The caretaker responded that since their birth, they had been tied with the same rope. When they were younger, the rope was strong enough to hold them from escaping. And now that they had grown up, they were under the assumption that the rope is still very strong. They never took into account their own strength.

Today, I want to ask you, "Which rope is holding you back?"

Don't let someone else's doubts creep in you. No matter who does or who does not, you ought to believe in yourself! You ought to break free from any rope that's holding you back! You ought to escape the elephant camp you're in! You ought to and you can - just believe in yourself!

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