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The Frog Who Didn't Listen

Updated: May 5, 2020

I just really hope you've heard this story. If not, it's a short but important one. Sit back and listen carefully.

In a small village, two frogs accidentally fall in a deep well. All the frogs of the village surround the well and keep shouting that they're never gonna be able to come out because the well is so deep.

Both the frogs try hard to get out and jump incessantly. The frogs outside keep talking among themselves that their effort is going to end in vain - it's an impossible task to come out.

One of two frogs gets tired of jumping and gives up. The other frog keeps jumping. The frogs outside wonder why he's still jumping, they are confused why he doesn't realize it's not going to work.

The frog who gave up tries convincing the other frog to give up but he doesn't listen, he keeps jumping. Finally, he jumps with his full strength and comes out of the well leaving the other frog behind.

When he comes out of the well, all the frogs ask him, "How were you able to do this, didn't you hear what we said - it was impossible!" He didn't reply and went away. You know why he didn't? Because, he was deaf!

He wasn't even listening to others. Not everyone is born as lucky. Learn to ignore the negativity around you and listen to the voice within. If it says you can, then you certainly can. Who else is to decide?


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